Correctly applying the DevOps methodology is essential in a company as it offers shorter development cycles, greater frequency of implementation, as well as safer production launches.

Plain Concepts offers a personalized and specialized assessment of the use of DevOps practices for those organizations that have applications, whatever their programming language and typology is, in a productive environment.

In this assessment, we will analyze and detail all the data and appropriate activities that will be necessary to execute to solve detected incidents and proposed improvements, which will allow an optimization of the application cycle management, following the best practices recommended from the point of view of DevOps.

Assessment steps

1. Initial data collection

The first phase of the assessment focuses on performing the initial data collection of current systems and understanding in detail the process currently used to put a version of the application into production.

The analysis does not focus exclusively on technical components, but also on more functional aspects, such as the criteria that have brought the client to the current state, his priorities, and objectives.

The points included in the assessment are:

  • Version management
  • Continuous integration systems
  • Management of environments and automated deployment
  • Automated tests (unitary, integration, functional…)
  • Automatic creation of infrastructure
  • Use of quality assurance tools
  • Telemetry, monitoring, and alerts
  • Management of secrets
  • Database versioning
  • Backups and rollbacks

2. Technical report generation

This phase focusses on the study of the data collected in the data collection phase.

3. Executive presentation of the assessment

The executive presentation of the assessment focuses on delivering a PowerPoint
presentation of the technical assessment, but with more executive content, with summaries of the current situation.

4. Presentation of the roadmap

As a last point in the assessment, a three-hour day will be devoted to the presentation of the remediation roadmap, where all the activities will be detailed with their prioritization to solve the detected incidents.

This presentation will be addressed to those technical profiles and managers related to the application or applications reviewed. Each phase of the assessment can be done remotely.

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