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Set up and host online events with MS Teams Live Events

The current scenario caused by COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of all on-site events for the foreseeable future, and therefore the necessity to find new ways to communicate with our customers.

At Plain Concepts, we can help you organize outstanding and engaging online events while preserving the appearance and interactivity that characterizes on-site events.

We have great experience organizing online events, both for ourselves and a variety of clients, where we can convert any event format to the digital world, from international presentations, round tables, virtual cafes, or private meetings.

We have detailed below all the services we are currently offering.

Bring your events to the digital world with MS Teams Live Events

We provide complete support through the creation and configuration of the event, offering live, deferred, or mixed broadcasting.

We offer training and user guides to the event presenters, moderators, and producers. We also provide technical support during the entire event retransmission and perform extensive rehearsals and testing before the actual event.

We adapt the event branding to the digital world with the design and creation of presentations, opening and closing images, hold music, virtual waiting rooms or lobbies and managing comments and questions during the session.

Thanks to Microsoft Teams we can adapt any kind of face-to-face event, such as round tables, virtual coffees, webinars, or private meetings, to the online world.

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Keynotes with Virtual Stage

For your most outstanding and impressive keynotes or presentations, we offer the possibility to use Virtual Stage: the Artificial Intelligence solution that leverages the power of Azure Kinect and allows you to record the speakers at home in front of a chroma-key, as they would in a professional studio, and then place them on a virtual stage.

Virtual Stage. How was it possible?

Registration page management

Control those registered for the event and send the attendees personalized messages with relevant information by…

1. Configuring the registration page, ensuring that it complies with the GDPR at all times.
2. Automatically sending the information to access the event and attendance reminders.
3. Send information to the attendees such as the event schedule, track planning, or documentation needed for tracking.

Event branding

Our team includes designers, illustrators, and usability experts which will handle the production of the branding and artwork for the different promotional materials such as registration pages for attendees, invitations to the event, email marketing, and social media campaigns, etc.


To make online sessions more interesting and keep the audience’s attention throughout the event, we can provide the development of online games which include questions about the content of the talks, challenges, leader boards, and rankings, live role plays, ideas contests or closing sessions.

Real-time evaluation of the presentations

Thanks to a mobile application, the attendees will be able to evaluate the presentations of the event in real time. It also generates a results report for later analysis, giving information about the presentations that have been most liked.

Attendance reports and satisfaction surveys

We provide a report assessing the overall success of the event, talks and speakers. Microsoft Teams also provides you with a detailed attendance report, including who attended and what questions were asked during the session.

Event video production

We are in charge of producing a post-event video summary and post-production of presentations with the brand image. We can also support Microsoft Stream to make internal publications of the event.
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