What is Bookids?

Bookids is an app for children books that can be tailored according to the client needs (i.e. design, features). Our objective was to allow you to reach the digital world with no restrictions and to enhance education in an enjoyable and interactive way.

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Any platform

There are no limits to what we can develop and the icing on the cake is that with the same code we can publish the app in all mobile platforms. Curious? Contact us and we will tell you all about it!

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We decided to design and develop the demo Bookids in order to show our know-how and the kind of development we do. For this demo we used the cross-platform mobile engine Wave Engine in order to deploy our app in iOS, Android and Window Store with the same code.

Bear Book
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All features

Library of interactive books containing educative games. Customizable app. Create your own story!
Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Windows Store) and multilanguage (English, Spanish and French).