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Electronic Arts KN Sharing is an internal portal built with SharePoint aimed at improving communication and collaboration between EA localization teams.


The goal of this project was to build a useful and appealing portal. Useful because through that portal users can have access to their day to day tools and to the material specific to each department. Appealing because the portal conveys EA’s innovative spirit and culture.

Screen EA KN Sharing


We have built a portal based on SharePoint Online with two main sections. One dedicated to sharing information and the other to communication. Besides, we have been working on the aesthetic of the portal to make it as much similar as possible to EA’s corporate image despite the fact that SharePoint has a default structure and design.

All the tools and all of the information are located in the same place to allow an easy access and search for the rest of EA departments.

Users can easily find and edit information about the products and technologies of the EA localization team. In addition, each department has access to an area in which they can share documentation , information, tools and create a communication thread.

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