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Kinect App for Global Sport Innovation Center

Sensations make the biggest differences. Microsoft devices are designed for productivity and entertainment, and Microsoft Kinect redefines the meaning of innovation through personalization and creativity.


Experience a new way of seeing the world. Discover every Tweet and tour every corner of the planet by hand motions. This Kinect app is a unique way to explore social networks and to feel the world in your hands!



This is a project designed for the Microsoft Innovation Sport Center using Microsoft’s latest technologies. ‘’What could be done to create the most original and fun Tweet application? Become a planet sized reader of Twitter!’’.

The objective of this project was to allow you to round the globe and search for worldwide tweets by using Microsoft Kinect. The graphic effects powered by Wave Engine from Plain Concepts are amazing.


With this Kinect app you only need to stand in front of a screen and move your hands to take actions. You can play video playlists, explore the world, zoom in and travel through the past 24 hours with amazing colorful effects.