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HealthClinic is a fictitious regular doctor practice specialized in offering healthcare preventive care. This clinic uses different Microsoft and multi-channel apps built with Visual Studio 2015 to grow their business and modernize the customer experience. They also innovate and offer multiple apps and services—including websites, mobile apps, and wearable apps—to empower their patient’s well-being with easy access to manage their healthcare data and stay healthy.

App Surface presentation


The three core principles on which the apps are based are: Mass appeal, Relevancy, Uniqueness. The main challenge was to showcase the capabilities of Microsoft dev tools and platform in the best way possible and to inspire by delivering an experience that surprises customers (i.e. make them imagine the possibilities and related enterprise scenarios).

App Mobile presentation


ASP.NET 5 cross-platform website

HealthClinic has a public-facing or marketing site that provides info on the services and apps that the clinic offers. The clinic is also an enterprise and needs to manage doctors and patients in its database. The clinic thus has a private website used for patient/doctor data management and a dashboard to understand visit trends.

ASP.NET 5, ES6, SASS, Gulp, bower, Azure Web & Docker.

App Desktop presentation
App Mobile screens

Universal Windows Platform and WPF apps

A WPF app has been built for receptionists that lets them view the information they need (i.e. for scheduling).

Native Cross-Platform Mobile apps for Patients

With these apps, patients can manage medical appointments, treatments and their history. For example, when they want to schedule an appointment with their favorite doctor, they need to know when the doctor is available. These apps let patients create appointments in both the doctor’s Office 365 calendar and in their own calendar.

C# cross-platform, Windows Mobile & Windows 10, and Xamarin powered (iOS and Android support).

App Watch presentation
App Band presentation

Hybrid mobile apps for Doctors (Cordova)

An app has been built for doctors to help them manage patients, visits, medical history, and treatments.

Cordova, HTML/JavaScript, Angular, Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Wearables (Apple Watch & Band 2)

An app has been developed for the Apple Watch and Microsoft Band 2 that provides medication reminders so patients can have assisted care throughout the day.

C# cross-platform, Xamarin powered; iOS wearable support, Consumer Native Apps and Xamarin apps for patients.