PMK Design Labs

A web app to customize sneakers with WOW effects.

App screenshots


PMK customs is a small business that builds custom sneakers from all brands. They needed a website that would allow people all across the world to create unique models and buy them online. This website had be compelling, modern, user-friendly, touch and … not too pricey. Indeed, the Internet Explorer team with whom PMK Customs teamed up wanted to prove that creating an engaging website was not just reserved for big companies with big budgets.

Sneaker - App detail


We designed and developed a HTML5 plug-in-free experience that works on all modern browsers and feels like an app. Users can personalize a pair of Kicks using a whole palette of colors. Sections that can be customized are pointed out by touch points and the shoe can be pulled around for a 360 view. The task wasn’t easy. To dynamically generate color on each 360 degree view of the sneaker we used HTML5 Canvas and Web Workers to optimize the performance. We also implemented videos to create an animated background and made use of multi-touch gestures. PMK Customs design lab now benefits of an adaptive design layout that adjusts to screen size. So, choose a pair of Kicks, customize it, pull the shoe around for a 360 view, share your design and buy it!

App presentation - Video wrapper
Child plays with PMK app in a Surface
App presentation
Boy holds sneaker