A project aimed at showcasing the new features of Microsoft IE11 when it was launched.


Twenty Century Fox created a viral campaign for Prometheus allowing fans to discover little by little some aspects of the movie through Weyland industries websites and a series of videos.

A part of this campaign was to select applicants to join Weyland Crew. In collaboration with Ignition Interactive, we worked on the training center. At first, the different training exercises that composed Prometheus Project: Training Center were designed for Flash. We had the challenge to develop this series of 3D training exercises using HTML5 to highlight its potential.


Exercises allowed users to play with 3D objects from any browser. Our development team crafted a multiplatform 3D engine called WaveJS to help manipulate and load 3D objects, project shadows, apply lights, detect interactions etc. To create and make this web experience available in all browsers and devices we:

  • Developed on Canvas using HTML5
  • Used videos and sounds in many formats
  • Had to detect dispositive capabilities to adapt each mini games to the limitation of the device and browser
  • Tested, tested and tested a little bit more

This web experience has been quite challenging but also very rewarding!

Prometheus screenshot