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Excalibur Project


Excalibur uses new statistical and mathematical techniques developed by Repsol to analyze and deliver insightful information in order to reduce the risk and optimize the process of oilfields.

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The critical part of this project has been to identify and deploy the right technology in order to ensure the optimal management of reservoirs. In order to achieve this objective, understanding reservoir’s characteristics and production challenges was key.

The three pillars of the Excalibur project have been:
  • Identification of analog reservoirs
  • 3D geological model visualization
  • Project profitability optimization


Excalibur enables the navigation through supply and demand scenarios which are confined by well documented boundary conditions that structure the outlook for the oil and gas. Technology included on Excalibur improved a 9% the best solution for North Sea reservoirs published by other companies and prestigious research institutions.

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Excalibur can generate geological models in 3D to simulate a reservoir. It is possible to visualize in a natural way the results of the analysis through the combination of geological data and information of analog reservoirs.