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Roche Interactive Map

Roche Interactive Map has been created in order to allow you to discover everything you can find within the offices of the company. In fact, through it you can explore every corner of the building in an easy and interactive way and gather the information you may looking for without getting lost.
One of the main features of this project is the digital transformation that the company has chosen, moving from paper maps to interactive screens offering people who visit the company knowing digitally their installations.

Roche interactive map

From a paper map

to an interactive screen

The Roche Interactive Map has an intuitive interface that allows users to use it very simply way. This Interactive Map offers the possibility of entering data to users, as well as register floors or hotspots in a very intuitive way and with dedicated tools.

App presentation

Distinctive point

Takes your visitors to other level with vibrant photo galleries and smooth animations. Controls the application using the stylish crystal tag holder with the company Logo. Besides your fingers you can use the holder to manage zoom level and change the floor level.

Discover the building

The Roche Interactive Map provides visitors with comprehensive photo galleries and smooth animations. They take control of the application using the stylish crystal tag holder with the company logo. The user can use his hands as well as the holder to change floor level or adjust the zoom.