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One account for everything

Nowadays we can login to our mobile phones and laptops with the same account. Why not do it also with all the applications we access on a daily basis?


How many times you had to change your password because you didn’t remember it? How many times have you asked yourself which password you used for a given application? For this project we had the pleasure to help Santillana people to ease their authentication process by using the same username and password for all of the Santillana applications while maintaining the same level of security. With this objective in mind, we have provided Santillana’s technological environment with full interoperability and safety.

Santillana Connect implements authentication protocols via SAML2 and Oauth2.0 messages for integration through libraries to be used by integrators in their applications. The later include applications developed with PHP, Python, .NET and Java, as well as Windows Phone, iOS and Android mobile applications.

App detail


Through an administration web portal done in ASP.NET MVC 4, Santillana administrators can manage not only users and organizations that have access to Santillana Connect, but also Relying Parties which are external applications that can use Santillana Connect as an authentication system in their systems and applications.


We have managed to make Office 365 use Santillana Connect as the authentication method. This makes it unnecessary to re-enter account information every time a user needs to sign-in, allowing a more transparent and simple user experience.

In addition, the integration is not only about accessing in an easier way, it also gives the opportunity to manage Office 365 accounts from the administration web.

App presentation


Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) is a system that allows identities synchronization for the harmonization of data between different sources, such as databases or directory services. Santillana Connect users’ data are synchronized with Santillana’s central database and vice versa, maintaining their integrity and consistency.

Synchronization diagram
Automation diagram


Once the synchronization rules are applied on MIM according to Santillana business logic, MIM is responsible for maintaining all the systems connected without any user intervention.

As a consequence if, for example, a user changes his residential address in the central database, this change is automatically updated on Santillana Connect system and vice versa.