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Telecinco, is a Spanish commercial television channel operated by Mediaset España Comunicación. In the occacion of the FIFA worldcup of 2010, it had the objective to broadcast the matches as never done before. In fact, after the UEFA Euro 2008 Spanish victory, many fans were hoping to see Spain doing great things again and it was an incredible opportunity for Telecinco. 2010 worldcup wasn’t another worldcup in which Spain would be eliminated in the semi-finals.

This time it was Spain’s year and everyone wanted to live every second of the worldcup. Integration with social networks was also a must as everyone wanted to share these moments. For this reason, the challenge of this project has been to bring the streaming of the matches to all users in an innovative and special way. And everything had to be done in 6 weeks! (the FIFA didn’t want to reschedule the matches…).

App presentation


For this project we have developed an exclusive state-of-the-art Silverlight video player for Telecinco by using the finest techniques and tools. Not only the player was able to display live or on-demand content using SmoothStreaming, but it also displayed a huge mosaic video gallery and allowed users to chat and share videos with their friends using the built-in Messenger client. The chat could be used at the same time users were watching the stream.

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In just 6 weeks, we developed one of the most advanced Silverlight players in the world. SmoothStreaming and the custom ‘’Minute by minute’’ technology allowed users to quickly watch the most important moments of the match and jump directly to them while chatting with fans: people from Facebook, Twitter and Messenger talking at the same, demonstrating their support to the team.


Azure was the only architecture dynamic enough to quickly switch from 4 VMs to up to 150 VMs in the server backbone when Spain was playing. More than 1 million users watched the Switzerland vs Spain match, becoming the biggest internet streaming event in Spain ever!