Mockup XBOX One
  • XBOX 360 shape
  • XBOX One logo
  • Windows 8.1 logo

WuakiTV logoWuakiTV Apps, part of Rakuten Group, is one of the most successful Spanish provider of on-demand streaming media. Its aim is to be the european alternative to watch movies directly on your computer, TV, tablet or game console, with quality and legally. As of today you can find from Hollywood blockbusters to the best national productions, premieres and film classics. The service was available through web and dedicated applications and, in order to reach its objective, relied on us to make its service compatible also on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows 8.1 platforms.

Windows8 app presentation


While the main objective of this project was to migrate all of the existing features from the web to an Xbox and Windows App, we also wanted to create the best possible user experience by leveraging all the options offered by Microsoft platforms.

Xbox app presentation


For the migration to XBOX, we created a new design and navigation map. Some of the features that we implemented are:

  • Browse the catalog of TVOD and SVOD content
  • In-app and Bing search within the catalog (i.e. content, title)
  • Playback DRM protected content
  • Access to lists created by the user (e.g. favorites list)
  • Redeem of coupons to obtain discounts in purchasing
  • Social sharing

We also added the following Xbox specific features:

  • Link of the Wuaki account to the Xbox LIVE account to get a Single Sign On experience
  • Possibility to purchase content on the Xbox Marketplace
  • Search the catalog from the Xbox dashboard using Bing
  • Use of gestures and voice to control the application using Kinect

For the Windows 8.1 app we used a big part of the Xbox One architecture and code. This allowed us to finish the project in a very short time while maintaining the same level of quality and adding additional functionalities specific to Windows 8.1 (i.e. a system to report errors in the application, Live Tiles, notifications).