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Cloud Computing


We have extensive expertise in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as well as Amazon Web Services, irrespective of whether you are focusing on development or infrastructure. We build cloud-oriented architectures for new projects or prepare your existing solution for migration to the cloud, taking advantage of all its benefits.

With respect to Microsoft Azure, we have advanced knowledge about almost every single service offered: IaaS or PaaS, such as App Service, Search, Service Bus, Media Services, Machine Learning, Storage, Virtual Machines, etc. Below you can find some of our solutions:


Get high throughput, consistent low-latency data access to powerful, fast, scalable Azure applications using Azure Redis Cache.

Media Services

We can help you create or improve your multimedia solution to get powerful and highly scalable cloud-based encoding, encryption, content protection and steaming (Live/VoD) using Azure Media Services.

Cloud Integration

When you move to the Cloud, it’s not just a matter of moving your existing solution but also reengineering work of adaptation to the new environment so you can get the best out of it at a lower cost.

SaaS for corporate identity

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Trello, WeTransfer, Dropbox or other SaaS services over the Internet? You probably have one set of corporate credentials for each one of them. Letting users know these credentials is a fundamental security risk. We can integrate these service identities into your corporate Active Directory by leveraging Azure Active Directory.

Services reengineering to PaaS

Our most common success stories about reengineering solutions to the cloud are the adaptations from IaaS models to PaaS ones. Thanks to PaaS you can scale better, service better, reduce costs and enhance security.

Extend your datacenter capacity

Is your datacenter reaching full capacity? Are you facing costly and time consuming operations to expand it? We can help you expand your datacenter capacity by integrating it with Azure Network. In fact, by using IPsec site to site VPN tunnels or Express Route™, you can extend your datacenter's local area network to Azure and start deploying new virtual machines in the cloud to cover your additional computer needs.

Web & Mobile development

Web & Mobile development

Web for Enterprises

One of our main areas of expertise is the development of high performance business applications, adaptable to all resolutions and based on web technology. For every project we work on, we pay special attention to security, scalability, usability, maintainability and the respect of standards.

Windows Platform

Windows 10 is built on a unified core, enabling apps to look great while using the same codebase and an adaptive UX on Windows PCs, tablets, phones, HoloLens, Raspberry Pi and Xbox. With Windows 10 you can develop apps that target a wide range of devices including mobile and desktop. The Universal Windows Platform and Windows Presentation Foundation are all you need.

Xamarin for Multiplatform Apps

Xamarin is the company behind Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. These are products that allow users to deliver native mobile apps in terms of performance and UX. In order to make the most of it, we offer specialised consultation and help our customers craft their apps from concept to publishing to the stores. We also offer testing as a service, to assure valuable delivery with the highest quality.

Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

Our expertise will help you handle a large amount of information, databases, and data sharing environments in an easy and intuitive way.

Identity Management

Having multiple credential providers within a same organization has become a recurrent problem nowadays. In fact, many companies have implemented multiple solutions that use different authentication backends and credential stores. As Identity Management experts, we can provide you with guidance on how to solve this situation through a two step approach: identity provisioning lifecycle and authentication-Single Sign On.

Hybrid environments

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t mean that you have to discard your existing on-premises infrastructure. We leverage the power of true hybrid deployments, regardless of whether you are looking for a hybrid Exchange Server deployment, a hybrid SharePoint Online or a hybrid network between on-premises and Azure. Take a test ride on the cloud technology by building a secure bridge to them from your infrastructure.

Messaging and collaboration

We leverage Microsoft enterprise-class productivity solutions including Exchange Server and Office 365 suite (i.e. Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Yammer), and provide consulting services about installing, upgrading, migrating and integrating those solutions to your datacenter.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure represents a powerful asset in your backup and disaster recovery strategy. We implement simple and complex backup solutions to Azure, as well as disaster recovery scenarios with impressive RTOs and RPOs from Hyper-V, VMWare, AWS and physical machines. We are also experts in the StoreSimple appliance.


Our portfolio of expertise includes Microsoft Hyper-V platform for virtualization which allows you to achieve a high degree of computing consolidation. High availability, disaster recovery to on-premises, disaster recovery to Microsoft Azure, Live Migration… We will be able to help you with any service regarding your Hyper-V infrastructure.


Need to know the overall health status of your servers and services? We have expertise in System Center Operations Management as well as in Microsoft Operations Management Suite. These allow you to take a close look at your infrastructure operations, ensure a healthy function and apply any alteration that may be needed.

Remote Apps and VDI

Thinking about a desktop virtualization solution for your users? Do you want to offer remote applications from your datacenter or from Microsoft Azure? We leverage the power of Remote Desktop Services as well as Azure RemoteApp for delivering your Windows applications to PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Your users won’t even need to install them.


Thinking about moving to Microsoft Azure and taking advantage of the new computing era to reduce costs while extending features? Call us!

Office 365 and SharePoint

Enterprise IT

We have technical expertise with O365 which allows us to tailor developments based on our clients’ needs as well as build solid infrastructure architectures and run deployments. We also have several MVPs in Office 365, SharePoint and Azure that have been working with O365 since the first version.


Corporate infrastructure integration analysis

Office 365 is designed to work as a standalone product but it can also be tightly integrated to your existing infrastructure. We can review your current services in order to offer you the best implementation architecture.

SharePoint Online and On-Premises solutions

We have a team specialized in creating great experiences using SharePoint. We can help you improve the workflow to be followed when uploading material to the SharePoint corporate platform while putting your corporate image forward.

Corporate identity integration

Already using Active Directory? Is it key that Office 365 uses the existing identity in your directory? Do you need SSO between Office 365 and your existing applications? It’s possible to achieve all of this if planned in the right way. Let us help you.


O365 Entensibility

We use O365 as a service integrated to the business processes, which allows us to extend them through Windows Azure.

Migrating to and Exchange Online hybrid

On-premises or cloud? Get both! We leverage full hybrid Exchange Server deployments to make it possible to move mailboxes from on-premises to cloud and from cloud to on-premises without downtime, integrating both worlds in your organization.

Apps for Office

For document-centered work, we can bring the processes and services related to document generation to the Office interface. In other words, by using Office add-ins we can improve the process of documents generation.

Big Data & Business Intelligence

Big Data & Business Intelligence

BI & Advanced Analytics

One of the pillars of data products is the ability to analyse existing data, and for data analysis and reporting needs, OLAP is still the king. Here at Plain Concepts, we have vast experience in architecting and building analytical solutions for our customers, both in Multidimensional and Tabular environments.

A recurrent request from the business is allowing users to perform ad-hoc analysis on top of these models, an area in which we can provide our help thanks to our solid understanding of the new Power BI platform.

Big Data

Our Data Team has the experience and the knowledge to help you build systems that handle massive amounts of data, and to turn that into actionable insights.

By leveraging the unparalleled scalability of Microsoft's Azure, we have been able to build some of the most succesful Big Data projects on the platform; from Hadoop to Spark, and from Azure Stream Analytics to Storm, our team have deployed succesful solutions in business areas such as digital media, energy and retail.

Machine Learning & Statistical Inference

We have been helping our customers in areas like predictive maintenance, image analysis and forecasting using different Machine Learning technologies, such as Azure ML, R servers and our internal image analysis algorithms with Plain Concept's Wave Engine.

Consulting and Mentoring

ALM Assessments

ALM assessments are aimed at providing an evaluation of the current situation of your team in terms of the adoption of software engineering best practices, product engineering and life cycle management of software development.

These assessments were based on a series of meetings and interviews with members of the development team. Plain Concepts is a member of the Microsoft ALM Inner Circle and has been awarded Partner of the year for ALM solutions for the last seven years in a row.


Using different DevOps tools and techniques, you can improve your tasks by gaining agility, especially for the activities related to provisioning, simplification of deployments through release management and the use of best practices (i.e. for source code management, branch policies, continuous integration, execution of automated tests).

Agile Mentoring

Agile mentoring consists of having one of our experts working with your development teams for whole days in order to provide guidance while experiencing the primary adaptations.

Our team can help your company in the agile deployment of organising, structuring teams, establishing roles and contributing to an easier implementation of the process.

Agile Mentoring