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Plain Concepts becomes one of the first GitHub Verified Partners in the world

We are delighted to continue receiving certifications that recognize the hard work we do every day in Plain Concepts, and adding the GitHub Verified Partner title is a great honor. Moreover, if we add that we are one of the first companies in the world to receive this recognition, we cannot be prouder.

Clients are increasingly demanding the guarantee of compliance and security, and the best solution to guarantee this is GitHub. The tool provides incredible work by providing secure code solutions, providing automatic security fixes, and analyzing dependencies. Being GitHub Verified Partner puts us in a privileged position to help our customers as much as possible.

GitHub Verified Partner

GitHub Verified Partner certification is a recognition for companies that have demonstrated maximum excellence and performance in the development of open source and Azure DevOps projects.

In recent years, the software industry has been lining up around GitHub as a reference tool in the DevOps ecosystem. And that is why we at Plain Concepts want to provide our clients with the most efficient and straightforward way to access Azure from their repository, accompanying them throughout the process.

At Plain Concepts, we started this journey years ago, helping our customers implement TFS and migrate from SourceSafe and helping them use these tools correctly. Since then, we have had many conversations about source code management, TFS extensibility, process templates, work elements, etc.

As one of the first companies to embrace the cloud, we moved internally to Azure DevOps. From here, the work with our clients focused on helping them in greater depth with this tool and others like Visual Studio App Center.

With this certification, we are advantageous in assisting our clients in adopting GitHub and Azure DevOps. We will continue to work so that the experience remains the best possible, ensuring the quality that characterizes us transparently and effectively. We are looking forward to helping you!

If you want to dig deeper, you can visit our Knowledge section to find great talks about GitHub secrets and much more.


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