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We elevate the capabilities of robotics through customized and innovative solutions

Software solutions for Boston Dynamics


Speed of 1.6 meters per second. Ability to rebalance and avoid obstacles.


Ability to overcome uneven terrain, stairs, and slopes of 30º.

Extreme Conditions

Resistant to dust, water, and temperatures from -4º to 113ºC.

Autonomous Navigation

Navigation and autonomy through sensors, camera, and advanced mapping.


Real-time digital and analog data collection through sensors.

Digital Twin

Accelerate the creation of digital twins with ease.

Real solutions for the industry of the future

Boston Dynamics Spot stands out for its ability to move in all types of situations and environments, allowing it to reach places that are difficult to access.

Through our developments in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, or Data, it can now collect data autonomously, perform remote monitoring missions, monitor assets using, among others, computer vision techniques or artificial intelligence focused on anomaly detection.


One of the characteristics that have driven the synergy between Boston Dynamics and Plain Concepts is Evergine, our graphic engine for business, which has allowed the development of Holo-Robot.

Holo-Robot is a tool that provides the industrial sector with the ability to use gestural telecontrol of quadruped robots to drive their digital transformation processes towards Industry 4.0.

Using Mixed Reality technologies, we create innovative interactions between man and machine so that several users can operate the Spot robot simultaneously through the use of HoloLens 2.

Asset Management
Increase awareness, security, and efficiency in each of your operations through automated asset management.

  • Transform images into information
  • Enhance predictive maintenance
  • Automated alerts and work orders
  • Create digital twins

Secure hazardous terrain inspections remotely thanks to Spot’s agility.

  • Comprehensive site visibility
  • Meter reading
  • Thermal detection
  • Leak detection
  • Laser scanning

Automate data collection through the presence of the Spot robot on your construction site and increase the accuracy and safety of your employees.

  • Progress monitoring as Build
  • Comparison with BIM models
  • Digital Twins
  • Topographic surveys
  • Ground inspection and thermography

Secures manufacturing operations through dynamic data capture, performs autonomous inspections, and detects anomalies in a timely manner.

  • Asset management
  • Remote or automated inspections
  • Anomaly detection
  • Digital Twins

Automates detection, inspection, and data collection in power generation, transmission and distribution facilities.

  • Remote inspection
  • Reading analog instruments
  • Employee safety
  • Predictive maintenance

Oil & Gas
Automates inspection routines in potentially hazardous work scenarios, romoting the use of proactive measures.

  • Data capture and cataloging
  • Leak or anomaly detection
  • Automated inspection reports
  • Predictive maintenance

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