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June 27, 2022

Workshops with Spot: How To Exploit The Potential of This Industrial Robot

A four-legged robot walks around the offices of the Dutch energy company Alliander. The employees test the robot under the guidance of a specialist. Through theory and exercises, they learn everything they need to know to get the most out of it.

Workshops with Spot allow companies that request them to learn more about all the possibilities offered by one of the most innovative industrial robots on the market. With theoretical and practical information, the employees who receive them obtain a complete ecosystem of this Boston Dynamics technology.

A workshop with Alliander

The Alliander Research team saw great potential for Spot’s application in the energy sector: this robot can perform dangerous and repetitive tasks in high-voltage substations, as well as pick up materials more frequently than a human could. It also helps to fill positions where technicians are hard to find or have to perform risky tasks.

The workshop was tailored to the expertise of the different members of the group (data analytics, robotics…) and served to test whether the robot met expectations. During four days, presentations ranged from more informative or generic content on the robot’s options to more technical ones on the state of the art of robotics, quadrupeds or Spot in particular:

  • Physical description
  • Internal software modules
  • Video display with the robot in operation
  • Programming languages that can be used with it
  • Sensors and perception cameras
  • Software architecture for data collection
  • Robot movement and navigation

After the master class, each employee, from his or her computer, accessed a code template to test the robot.

This workshop has also helped the Alliander team to think of other examples of Spot applications for the future. For example, with members of the police or fire department to prevent fires.

Spot Workshops with Plain Concepts

Emese Corbet, Portfolio Consultant at Alliander, explains that the company trusted Plain Concepts to deliver this workshop because the two companies had worked together before and because few companies have the knowledge of Spot that Plain has.

Plain Concepts workshops offer all kinds of information about Spot, from a generic overview of the robot to more technical learning. Classes are masterful and practical, and exercises are tailored to each company’s learning needs.

These workshops are tailored to the expertise or knowledge of each team member so that everyone has the best experience and gets the most out of it.

Plain’s talents in these workshops can also extend to consulting: we are expert designers in software architecture with Spot.

Do you want to know more about Spot’s workshops?

As the Alliander team found, learning how Spot works is very easy and enjoyable. These workshops are replicated in other companies and, in addition, we complement them with architectural design consulting sessions.

You are just one step away from discovering what we can offer you to get the most out of Spot, from consulting to training. Want to find out more?

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