IoT Data Analytics

Empower your business insight and access a detailed view of every process by collecting, processing, and visualizing data from the IoT

The expansion of the digital ecosystem takes on a new meaning with the incorporation of the Internet of Things. Beyond intelligent devices, the IoT is changing business models in all industries, allowing companies to squeeze the possibilities offered by the cloud along with the generation and processing of data.

Access a global and detailed view of your company in real-time, boost your operational efficiency, and discover new business models to add value to your products.

Boost your innovation processes, boost productivity, and discover new business scenarios

This is how we work

We operate with data from its creation to its dissemination to different corporate departments, and we teach companies how to get it and obtain its maximum benefit.

We create a global solution that covers the different stages of data processing and allows the necessary scalability to grow with your business.

Discover the cloud solution focused on IoT and Artificial Intelligence scenarios
Smart Concepts
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Our approach

Instant production

Data is loaded, processed, enriched, analyzed, and visualized in real-time. We have an extensive data collection, management, and processing team.

From the cloud to the plant

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions are responsible for adding a new dimension: they create relationships between databases and automatically enable your teams to be more and more accurate.

Adaptation to scenarios

Very heterogeneous devices, different protocols, and standards, diverse sources (databases, spreadsheets), unconnected or partially connected scenarios… We look for the best way to extract the information and bring it to the cloud in each case.

Partnership with partners

Thanks to our expertise in a wide range of technologies and our positioning as a reference partner in cloud services, we drive projects to maximize the impact of IoT on business and reduce time to market.

Partnership with Microsoft

At Plain Concepts we are certified as a Microsoft Gold Provider Cloud Platform company, a sign of our specialization in the migration and management of all types of databases.


Our multi-device graphics engine Evergine is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industrial sector and make it easier for companies to adopt and create Augmented Reality based solutions.

Industry 4.0 is here to transform your business. Welcome to the most significant industrial revolution!

Industry 4.0
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Customized solutions to each company and industry
Transportation and logistics
Manage, supervise, and monitor your entire fleet of vehicles or goods.

Use real-time data to avoid bottlenecks, create more optimized delivery and pick-up routes, or know the status of your pallets at all times.

Monitor the performance of each delivery on a personalized basis and increase delivery safety, the efficiency of your supply chain, and the quality of service.

Finally, reduce transportation costs with IoT solutions.

It’s no longer about selling units. Users demand added value, and thanks to IoT solutions, the industry is adapting to new consumer demands.

Discover and leverage new revenue streams while maintaining your current sales services. Create a new line of services based on the connection of intelligent vehicles to a scalable platform and offer all kinds of differential values in driver assistance: real-time traffic alerts, assisted driving, and consumption reduction…

Connected spaces
Thanks to the Internet of Things, any user experience in a physical space can be optimized exponentially, from a meeting room or an elevator to an intelligent building or a smart city.

Thanks to data analysis, high-value information is obtained to:

  • Improve elevator management.
  • Automate the temperature of a room according to the number of attendees.
  • Optimize the maintenance management of a building.
  • Connect traffic lights in a city to avoid traffic jams due to traffic incidents.

Digitalization generates large volumes of data that offer a high volume of information. And in no sector is knowledge more valuable than in healthcare.

The rapid growth of digital technology and the rise of connected health offer ways to develop innovative services, accelerate clinical trials, or analyze new data from connected devices, to drive better perception and personalization of service to the patient.

One sector that has been quickest to embrace the benefits of IoT is energy. At Plain Concepts, we have extensive experience in the sector and have helped large companies to generate a flexible infrastructure that enhances energy optimization.

So, with IoT:

  • Refines maintenance through predictive analytics.
  • Generate automated alerts that keep you connected to your business.
  • Access all kinds of information in real-time.
  • Discover new business models based on clean energy.

The arrival of the Internet of Things in the retail sector means a new scenario in which retail sales are based on solutions customized to customer needs and boost customer loyalty.


  • Access a global view of your supply chain.
  • Look at the details of a specific location to find out how to improve its performance.
  • Monitor your customers’ orders.
  • Discover in detail the path of your merchandise from its origin to its destination.

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