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October 25, 2021

Plain Concepts joins Microsoft Partner Pledge for a more sustainable and inclusive future

The future looks like a great challenge as we face large-scale industrial change and live in a time where the companies that embrace technology models will be the ones able to thrive and successfully embrace this transformation.

We are committed to the role of technology as a transformative tool to change and improve society, which is why we have joined the Microsoft Partner Pledge, in which we pledge to promote digital skills, training, diversity, responsible and ethical AI and sustainability.

What is Partner Pledge?

The Partner Pledge is a Microsoft initiative to help businesses and societies meet the challenges of the future. It is a collective commitment from Microsoft partners who share their vision and values where technology can make people’s lives better and create greater opportunities.

This programme recognises the change associated with accelerated digital adoption and the significance of what it could mean to have a collective action framework to address the impact of transformative technologies.

Microsoft Partner Pledge Objectives

Improving digital skills is in Plain Concepts’ DNA, so it is a great honour to become an ambassador for this Microsoft initiative. Joining this programme means getting a commitment to the next five main objectives:

Digital Skills

The main purpose is to help prepare for the challenges of the Fourth Revolution through Microsoft’s Digital Skills programme: raising internal awareness of these initiatives to provide new training, promote them to customers with Global Digital Skills…

Diversity & Inclusion

Day by day we are committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive team, and now we are even more committed to doing so with actions such as: ensuring that everyone in the organisation feels included and protected, addressing gender and racial inequality to achieve strong representation at all levels, having a plan to improve inclusion, ensuring that managers have a deep understanding of and commitment to this culture, creating accessible solutions and services…

Responsible AI & Ethics

Ensuring that we build AI solutions in a responsible and ethical way is fundamental, based on criteria such as: equality to drive efficiency and avoiding bias, ensuring responsible decision making towards citizens and consumers, offering explainable and understandable AI, it must help humanity and respect their rights…


Reducing our carbon footprint and adopting a sustainable model is one of our main objectives, and we are committed to achieving this through: integrating sustainability in strategic alliances, increasing transparency in our services, using new tools to better manage our carbon footprint, promoting a sustainable model in our relationships with suppliers and customers…


A key factor is to provide learning opportunities for young people, with the aim of empowering them to develop a technological career, learning specialised skills and putting them into practice. This commitment involves: reviewing the minimum requirements in the selection criteria for entry-level positions, promoting internship programmes, looking for opportunities to inform young people about digital careers…

Plain Concepts hopes that all Microsoft partners around the world will join the Microsoft Partner Pledge initiative and commit to creating a more inclusive, sustainable and technology-driven future – becoming better together is possible!

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead