Virtual Stage

Organize high impact online events

The impossibility of holding face-to-face events has meant that online events have come to centralise the communication of all types of brands and companies. But this change towards digital communication must go beyond making simple video calls. It is the time for programs to make virtual scenarios.

Virtual Stage is a software application based on Artificial Intelligence that takes advantage of the power of Azure Kinect to easily generate all kinds of virtual scenarios, allowing you to take presenters and speakers to as many virtual stages as you can imagine.

Organise high-impact digital events through an immersive experience that can be fully customised to your brand, without being affected by the limitations of the physical environment. The possibilities are endless: music stages, educational-communicative programs

Immersive Stages

It generates immersive digital environments.

Brand customization

Organise online events in line with your brand image.

Platform for online events

Compatible with all online platforms.

Safety and cost savings

Record from home as if you were in a professional studio.

Do you want to know how it works?

Creation and design of virtual stages using AI and Azure Kinect

Virtual Stage takes advantage of the power of Azure Kinect and the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to allow speakers to record themselves at home, and obtain a result as if they were in a professional recording studio.

On these recordings, we generate a frame by frame mask to differentiate the pixels and separate the speaker from his surroundings with maximum precision.

With the speaker separated from the environment, we incorporate it into any type of virtual stage with animations and compositions, and in which it is possible to attach presentation videos, slides… There are no limits!

How does Virtual Stage create virtual scenarios?

To create the virtual stages, Virtual Stage relies on two technologies:

  • Speaker Recorder App, which records a lecture using one or two Azure Kinect devices.
  • Background Matting, which removes the speaker’s background using AI and the data it receives from Azure Kinect sensors.

With these videos, a digital green screen (like traditional chroma key) is created to insert the new virtual stage.

If you want to know the code or know more technical features, visit Github.

Get more impact from your event... and reduce costs!

Virtual Stage bursts in with the aim of dynamising and personalising online events, but also of optimising costs and enhancing the communication possibilities of any organisation.

By eliminating physical barriers through the creation of virtual scenarios, you will be able to have international speakers on the same stage without the need to travel. All this in a personalised environment that is in line with your brand image.

Eliminate physical barriers and create virtual impact events while reducing the investment in costs and time!

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Increase the impact of your events with Virtual Stage