Plain Concepts, the perfect partner for projects with Azure Databricks

Big Data platforms have been placed at the forefront of digital transformation processes, and Databricks has won the gold medal in data analysis. Azure Databricks allows you to quickly build clusters and work in an Apache Spark environment with the availability and scaling of Azure, without having to worry about monitoring it and reducing costs.

Plain Concepts have always worked with the latest Azure PaaS offerings for data related projects, and when Azure Databricks was first available we started working with it alongside Azure HDInsight. Shortly it became apparent that Azure Databricks was the way to go and nowadays its used not only as part of our custom data solutions but as a core service in our Sidra Data Platform.

Extensive Databricks experience

Used in many projects since it’s Azure release.

Proven track record with Databricks

Customers big and small can vouch for us.

Ready to tackle any scenario

With a tried and tested data platform based on Databricks or with a custom solution.

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks allows you to have an Apache Spark environment in minutes, with automatic scaling capabilities and a complete interactive collaborative environment. Azure Databricks supports Python, Scala, R, Java and SQL, as well as the most common data science libraries such as TensorFlow, PyTorch or scikit-learn.

  • Reliable engineering and data analysis
  • Collaborative data science: Simplifies and accelerates data science in large data sets.
  • Production of ML projects: Standardization of the ML process from experimentation to production.

Delta Lake. More reliable, more scalable

Delta Lake is an open-source transactional storage designed to support the data life cycle from start to finish, and bringing us closer to the “lakehouse” concept that combines the Data Lake and Data Warehouse paradigm.

Unified data analytics platform. Don’t worry about using a thousand tools

From Plain Concepts we have extensive experience in the use of Azure Databricks at all levels, which allows us to unify data intake processes thanks to our Sidra platform, to follow their entire life cycle and allow the development of business use cases of all kinds.

We put at your disposal a Data Labs scenario to perform exploratory analysis on the data in a fast and secure way.

Enterprise Cloud Service. Whatever you are, we have a place for you

We know that cyberattacks have become a major concern for any company, and Azure Databricks is no stranger to that.

Like all other Azure services, it provides you with an isolated, private analytics environment that meets all security requirements, encompassing all users and data sets.

Integration with the Azure ecosystem

Azure Databricks is able to provide a complete end-to-end data solution thanks to integration with the rest of Azure data services such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.

Whether thanks to Sidra Data Platform, Plain Concepts’ data product, or as part of a custom solution, all of Azure’s capabilities are at hand.