Big Data

Transform your data into relevant information

Big Data platforms and Data Lake projects are driving the digital transformation processes. And Business Intelligence solutions together with tools based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are a valuable competitive advantage.

Plain Concepts specializes in all types of data sources, tools and work processes ensuring successful solutions.

Modern Data Platforms

Our Data Engineers have the expertise and knowledge to successfully complete data platform projects across industries. For example, we have developed Sidra, our Data Platform in Azure which has been already implemented in more than ten clients.

BI & Advanced Analytics

For data analysis and reporting, OLAP is still king. Plain Concepts has extensive experience in architecting and building analytical solutions for our clients in both multidimensional and tabular environments.

Machine Learning & AI

Plain Concepts has been supporting its clients for years, both in custom developments and providing consulting in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects by using the suitable approach at all times, from neural networks to genetic algorithms.

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Big Data
Armas Trasmediterránea: 360º Customer Profiles for Optimized Decision-Making
We helped Armas Trasmediterránea with the creation of 360º profiles of their clients to optimize their business decisions by having a real-time solid vision of them.
cuarto servidores
Asisa: How To Migrate Over 100 Databases With No Interruption of Service
We collaborated with Microsoft to plan and execute the migration of Asisa’s databases to Azure, providing the company with an innovative and optimal environment to manage its resources and investments with agility.
Carreras Logistics: Data Platform to Enable Advanced Analytics and a Modern Reporting Experience
Plain Concepts helped Carreras Logistics Group start its journey towards data governance and become a technology-driven company by enabling them to explore its data much faster.