Data value chain

Incorporate a data culture that continuously adds value to your business and makes a difference

Every day, companies generate thousands of pieces of data thanks to interactions with their users. Although much of it may seem insignificant, its collection and processing is capable of revealing new business opportunities.

Taking care of the data value chain leads to a repository of information that companies use to achieve their goals faster.

Data collection, storage and processing

If your company does not have data, it is almost impossible for your AI solutions to work.

Likewise, if your company does not analyze business data, it will not know if the model is working.

Generate a value chain on your data thanks to Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and reach a knowledge scenario that allows you to optimize all phases of your business.

Value proposition

The proper collection, custody and processing of data generates a value chain focused on sharing knowledge, increasing security control and facilitating the creation of specific data platforms according to the needs of work areas or employees.

We help you to give a new value to your data and improve decision making in your business
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Big Data

Modern Data Platforms

Our Data Engineers have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully complete data platform projects in all types of industries.

Machine Learning & IA

At Plain Concepts we have been helping our clients in Machine Learning and AI projects for years, both in custom developments and providing consultancy. To do so, we use the right approach at all times, from neural networks to genetic algorithms.


As in other Plain Concepts divisions, we offer consulting for infrastructure implementation or data migration.

Trasmediterranea: Customer 360 Profiles for Optimized Decision-Making
From Plain Concepts, we help Trasmediterránea create 360º profiles of their customers to optimize their business decisions by having a solid vision of their characteristics in real-time.

cuarto servidores
Asisa: How To Migrate Over 100 Databases With No Interruption of Service
From Plain Concepts and in full collaboration with Microsoft Spain, we were in charge of designing and implementing a migration of all databases to Azure, allowing Asisa to access an innovative, optimal environment that will enable them to manage their resources and investments with agility.
Carreras Logistics Group: New Data Platform to Enable Advanced Analytics and a Modern Reporting Experience
Plain Concepts helped Carreras Logistics Group to take its first steps towards data governance and to modernize the company by deploying the Sidra Data Platform.