Ethical channel

Plain Concepts Group
The business group PLAIN CONCEPTS is committed to transparency and compliance with the law in its relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. The actions of PLAIN CONCEPTS are based on values such as honesty, loyalty, transparency, trust, professionalism, and innovation, among others.
PLAIN CONCEPTS has an Ethics Code that establishes the ethical principles that should govern all its business activities, as well as its management bodies, professionals associated with any company within the PLAIN CONCEPTS Group, and all clients, suppliers, partners, and other third parties that provide services, supply goods, or interact with the companies that are part of the PLAIN CONCEPTS Group.
The present Ethics Channel is a confidential communication system provided by PLAIN CONCEPTS to all members of the organization and stakeholders. The objective of this internal information channel is to receive and handle communications regarding irregularities or non-compliance with current regulations, the Ethics Code, or Corporate Policies of PLAIN CONCEPTS.
Any potential irregularity or non-compliance related to financial, accounting, commercial, or regulatory practices committed by employees or companies within the Group can be reported through this channel.
PLAIN CONCEPTS has approved a Policy that regulates the principles and features of the Internal Information System and the Internal Channel, which you can find in the following link (here). The communication you make through this Channel will be processed according to the Investigation Procedure, which you can consult (here).

Do you want to inform us of something?

This Channel is user-friendly and fully accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where you can submit your communication or report in multiple languages. The communications are externally managed to ensure the Company’s independence, confidentiality, and anonymity of the Whistleblower, in case they choose to submit an anonymous report.

To learn more about the operation of the Ethics Channel, we provide a user manual that you can find at the following link (here).

Before submitting a communication, you must read and accept the Data Protection Policy.