U-Mind Sentinel: Key Tool Towards the Industry of the Future

ULMA Handling Systems, a leading company in the automated intralogistics sector, has developed U-Mind Sentinel, an intelligent supervisory system that represents a giant leap towards the Industry 4.0 of the future. Thanks to this cloud-hosted system, it enables real-time monitoring and interaction of logistics facilities. ULMA Handling Systems’ U-Mind Sentinel infrastructure is supported by massive data processing, cloud computing, and the latest digital features.


“Thanks to U-MIND Sentinel we are managing to monitor in real time all the facilities where we have it implemented, from our control and attention center we are managing to anticipate situations that could generate a serious shutdown. It is undoubtedly the key tool we need to be able to meet and improve the SLAs with our customers” –  Mikel Altuna, Director of Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Ulma Handling Systems.

ULMA Handling Systems
Cloud Computing
Azure, Smart Concepts
Present in Europe and Latin America, ULMA Handling Systems has more than 30 years of experience in the sector supporting its customers in automated integrated intralogistics engineering and customized logistics technology. From Plain Concepts we have helped them to host the Supervisor System in the cloud, relying on the structure based on Smart Concepts, an IoT and Artificial Intelligence solution based on Microsoft Azure. This allows to communicate any device quickly and securely, in addition, to quickly adapt to market needs and develop different business scenarios.
The Supervisor Cloud interacts with each local element, storing all the data received from each of the warehouses (logistics facilities), and then treats this information and exploits it to maintain the operational efficiency of each of the premises.


The main objective of the Supervisor system was to monitor in real time a whole park of warehouses located all over the world. The goal was to achieve a system that could monitor different sources of the facilities in real time and that could be controlled from anywhere. The great challenge was to manage and decipher a large amount of data and information automatically and to detect and supervise if there were any problems.
Each warehouse would have its own Supervisor Cloud system that would interact with each local element, storing all the data received from each warehouse and then processing this information and exploiting it to maintain operational efficiency in each space. To guarantee the quality and reliability of the logistics processes, it was essential to have a highly scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure and to be able to manage it through the cloud.


It was decided to opt for a hybrid architecture that would unite a local and an aggregated view by leveraging the Azure cloud and the Smart Concepts framework. IoT sensors are installed in the warehouses that emit signals of different nature and trigger an alert that warns the customer that there is a problem. Each one sends the information to Smart Concepts through standard protocols, properly secured, where the information is processed to make it available to customers.
U-Mind Sentinel is capable of converting a large amount of data produced by the intelligent warehouses into useful information and allows current knowledge of the situation and status of each of the warehouses, regardless of the place and time of the connection.


The Supervisor system lays the foundations for the industry of the future, thanks to a system that guarantees the quality and reliability of intralogistics processes through the cloud. Space and time barriers are broken, giving the possibility to monitor all the information and what happens in the warehouses in real-time and through different devices.
ULMA Handling Systems has the ability to anticipate any unforeseen events of its customers and facilitate appropriate current and future decisions. In addition, customers with an automated installation can have access to the platform to see at any time if there are any problems and solve them in the shortest possible time.
Having used Smart Concepts as the basis for the creation of the system has allowed ULMA Handling to have in less time a solution on the market that allows it to quickly adapt to the needs of the market and develop the different business scenarios that ULMA Handling needs to provide differential value to its customers.
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