The Trilogy: Digital Twins - Smart Building Edition

Are you and your organization either interested, considering, or maybe already implementing the use of digital twins in your business? If so, this webinar series is for you!


Duration 90 minutes

3 sessions, a total of 3 hours, on 3 sessions, in the 3rd month of the year, with 3 customers in 3 different industries. Quite the Trilogy don’t you think?

  • Construction
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy

During each session, there will be a deep dive and Q&A about the business drivers, impact, and learnings to help customers in all industries in their journey of embracing the benefits of a digital twin.

Episode 2: Smart Buildings Edition

For the second episode in the digital twin trilogy series, we’ll be continuing the pattern of infrastructure by diving into the topic of smart buildings and how bGrid thinks of a building as your ever-evolving personal assistant. With users’ needs constantly changing bGrid creates an environment that is open and flexible to allow the building to grow and adapt with users over time. This concept of an ever-evolving future proof building can be achieved by using advanced sensors, big data management, and mobile devices to sense your desired climate, lighting, and workspace.

IWG plc and Digital Twins: Building the story of a perfect match

The newest addition to the Smart Buildings episode is IWG who has been known for offering managed office solutions for over 30 years. Topics and how they fit into the real estate business such as asset tracking, layout representation, and sales optimization will be covered, as well as solutions for making buildings even smarter, like indoor navigation, wayfinding, analytics, and utilization efficiency. From an engineering perspective, IWG will go through the approach of building things themselves vs. leveraging exiting products.

Want to find out how Digital Twins play a role in all of this? There is only one way to find out!

Leading up to the story of IWG will be Microsoft’s Industry Lead David Williams explaining why when we think about Smart Places and Real Estate, we should not be constrained by focusing only on the building or the facilities management of that building, instead we should focus on the people who work, visit, live in, rent or own that building.


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David Williams

Smart Places and Real Estate Industry Lead at Microsoft

A strategic thinker; adept at analysing and simplifying issues as well as developing pragmatic business solutions
A natural and charismatic leader; with 25+ years of experience of leading small teams, executive committees and large departments
An excellent communicator with the ability to develop and sustain strategic executive relationships with both business and technical stakeholders
Wide-ranging experience and knowledge of Microsoft products, services and technologies, with particular strengths around partnering and go-to-market strategy

Karl van Ginderdeuren

Chief Commercial Officer at bGrid

My motto is to continue my own roadtrip into the unknown. My main driver is to continuously develop (myself and my team) and learn. I love to work and play hard. I enjoy and thrive in complex environments, settings and challenges and seek to find a path to simplicity and effectiveness. I am self-motivated, strive to overachieve set goals and have a just do it mentality.

A more detailed overview of my skills is given below.
My entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving skills and pragmatic, no nonsense, goal-oriented approach enables me to realize technical and organizational complex projects around the globe. I have proven to be able to develop unknown territories and never stop looking for new opportunities and solutions outside the known. I lead my team by example on basis of data and fact-based decisions. I value authenticity, honesty, integrity, purpose and mastery. Lastly, I strive to continuously develop myself and my team and have the courage to take responsibility, as well to challenge the status quo.

Juan Molina

Head of Engineering - Centre Technology at IWG plc

«Technology enthusiast. Decision maker. Lead by example, overcome challenges, make things happen. Passionate about creating and transforming.»

Diligent, versatile, trustworthy leader with 10+ years of experience in the IT and software development industries. Strong business acumen combined with tech-savviness in a wide range of fields such as network protocols, cryptography, security, software architecture, cloud computing, IoT or big data analytics.

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