Azure CI/CD with GitHub Actions


40 minutes

Back in 2019, GitHub released GitHub Actions to help us automate our software development workflows. Couple of months later, I started to help a friend on an open-source project that was deployed manually. Playing around with Azure deployment center, I “stumbled” upon this “new feature”, or at least new for me. This presentation is about my learning journey, and what made appreciate this hidden gem.


Tibi Covaci

App Innovation Lead at Microsoft Denmark and Iceland

For over 20 years Tibi dedicated his life to improve the quality of the software written by other people, by helping them to understand the technological choices they are presented with. His efforts include training, mentoring, advising, motivating, and working side by side with their development team. Over the time he helped many of his partners and customers to choose the right technological solution for the right problem.

For his passion and dedication Microsoft has presented Tibi with the Most Valuable Professional and with the Microsoft Regional Director awards, several years in a row. Microsoft liked Tibi that much, that in May 2020 they decided to hire him, so now you’ll find him wandering the offices of Microsoft Denmark.

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