The Trilogy: A Webinar Series for Experts in Biotech and Genomics

This three-part webinar series will take you through the journey from inspiration to the application of the topics in your own business. The question is — will you complete The Trilogy?

The Trilogy

2 hours 30 minutes

Part I and II will be on this video in which Part I will have a more business/innovation focus and Part II a technical deep-dive. Following this, Part III will be up to you to schedule with us during which we will translate the learnings from the session and apply them to your own organization.

Please see each session as an additional module during which you’ll go deeper into the material, however, each module can also be followed as a standalone session either by yourself or your organization.

Part I & II: 

Part I & II will take place in this video during which we will inspire you about the future of AgriTech and why and how the industry fundamentally needs to transform. Topics such as sustainability, accessibility, and economic growth will be addressed as well as how technology is being used to increase innovation, accelerate R&D achievements, and improve production.

Part I: Get Inspired!

We will kick off with a session that takes a more innovation/business approach in which keynote speakers from Microsoft dive into the state of the art innovations and trends they see in the bio & AgriTech industry, giving insights into what’s happening at some of the most innovative companies in this industry.


Vincent van Wingerden Technical Architect Data & AI at Microsoft

Thomas Follender Grossfeld Account Technology Strategist Agri- & BioTech at Microsoft

Fleurette Poiesz Benelux Team Lead at Plain Concepts

Part II: Get Technical!

Following the business session will be a supplementary track that will provide a technical deep-dive into the best practices around managing and getting the most out of terabytes of data using examples and experiences from experts in the field. Here a speaker from the R&D department at Bejo Zaden will talk about the challenges, experiences, and value of using a data platform to scale genomics data across a specific crop.

Then, a Solutions Architect from Databricks will teach us about building and scaling ML models with a unified analytics platform and how Healthcare/Pharma companies can use this to drive innovation.

Last but not least, there will be a deep-dive into how to use genomics data for scaling multiple samples & crops.


Saulo Aflitos Senior Researcher Bioinformatics at Bejo Zaden

Michael Shtelma, Solutions Architect at Databricks

Ariel Hernández Data Team Lead & Cloud Solution Architect at Plain Concepts

Part III: Get Started!

Date: Scheduled upon individual request

Following Parts I & II, you’ll have the opportunity to request a tailor-made session to complete The Trilogy in which you will be able to apply your learnings and take a close look at your own organization.

This session will be specifically designed for your company’s needs and will be the final part of The Trilogy. For more information about how to schedule this session, please reach out to if you have any questions or would like to already schedule this session.

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