Digital Transformation in Media

Media is going through a time of huge transformation across all parts of the value chain, from the media owners to the agencies, and ultimately the marketers and advertisers.


30 minutes

In this session, we will discuss how Plain Concepts is leveraging technology to help media companies address their challenges, and stay ahead of the industry trends.

  • Gathering insights from terabytes of advertisement data
  • Applying AI to super-segment target audiences
  • Forecasting revenue and packaging marketing campaign ROI
  • Engaging customers in new experiences with Mixed Reality



Monica Stefan

UK Growth Strategy Lead at Plain Concepts

I’m Monica Stefan, and I’m excited to help Plain Concepts build their presence in the UK. Prior to this opportunity, Seattle was my home, where Microsoft ignited my passion for technology. What I love about being part of global teams is the exposure to understand the role of technology in a variety of businesses and meet some of the brightest individuals around the world. Like the ones here at Plain Concepts 🙂 In the attempt to get away from Seattle’s notorious rain, Los Angeles and New York City delighted me while working for American Express and AWS.

What I love most about technology is that it is the closest thing we have to magic!

Feel free to connect with me, always happy to help.


Francisco Adrián Martinez Miranda

UK Team Lead at Plain Concepts

I’m Francisco Martínez, currently Team Lead of the Plain Concepts UK Team. Before that, I’ve involved in application development using WPF and Silverlight, and then in data projects that usually involved Hadoop clusters. I’m also very happy to say that I was involved in the birth of what has grown (and as with kids these days, it has grown fast!) to become Sidra, Plain Concepts data platform product. Outside of work my hobbies usually involve either computer or books (and sometimes both of them at the same time).

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