The Trilogy: Digital Twins - Energy Edition

Are you and your organization either interested, considering, or maybe already implementing the use of digital twins in your business? If so, this webinar series is for you!

3 sessions, a total of 3 hours, on 3 sessions, in the 3rd month of the year, with 3 customers in 3 different industries. Quite the Trilogy don’t you think?

  • Construction
  • Smart Buildings
  • Energy

During each session, there will be a deep dive into the business drivers, impact, and learnings to help customers in all industries in their journey of embracing the benefits of a digital twin.


60 minutes

Microsoft’s Energy Industry Lead Luis Morencos will highlight some of the leading innovations in the energy industry and how with the help of technology business is changing.

Following the introduction from Microsoft, Plain Concepts finish of the Digital Twin Trilogy series by explaining some best practices of implementing a digital twin as well as show a digital twin demo specifically for the energy sector with real time data and insights of a complete solar farm.

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Luis Morencos

Energy Industry Executive at Microsoft Western Europe

I’m a Telecom engineer with a strong sales and business development oriented profile, taking part in the digital transformation that is shaping this new era.

I have built my background working in different Technology and Consulting multinational companies, travelling worldwide and helping top customers to evolve in the Energy and Utilities segment (Smart Grid, Smart Water, Smart Gas and Smart Cities transformation).

I’m very interested in taking part in the new game where traditional and new players, incumbents, and start-ups ecosystem will redesign the industry.


Carlos Landeras

Benelux General Manager at Plain Concepts

When I was 8 years old I wanted a computer and not a bike. Passionate about technology for as long as I can remember and dedicated to it professionally for 13 years. In my beginnings, Obi-Wan guided me on the path of Unix System Administration but I turned into Darth Vader and switched to the dark side of programming. General Manager at Plain Concepts Benelux and MVP at Developer Technologies.

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