How to Build a Data Strategy

Join Microsoft UK Data & AI and Plain Concepts leadership in a conversation on best practices when building a modern data strategy, pitfalls to avoid, and areas to focus on.

Today, becoming a data-driven organization is key to having a competitive advantage. There are many things to consider and multiple ways to start the journey of a modern, company-wide data strategy.

Do you think modernizing your data estate is too complex, or do not know where to start? Plain Concepts helps organizations reduce complexity, address fundamental challenges, extract insights for better decision-making, harness the power of artificial intelligence to reduce costs & maximize profitability, and differentiate with new and unique digital services.


60 minutes

Microsoft will discuss trends in the UK market and Plain Concepts will dive into the data strategy steps:

1. Understand your current data estate

2. Strategic alignment – stakeholders and teams involved

3. Benchmark your current data estate and capabilities

  • Internal upskill or outsourcing
  • Architecture: secure, reliable, performant, cost-optimized
  • Data ingestion, storage, processing, analytics, governance, stewardship
  • Tools and technology to power your data strategy

4. Think big, start small, act fast: prioritize the first business outcomes

  • Select pivotal needs: sales analytics, price management, market segmentation
  • Execute, optimize, iterate
  • Set goals and gather telemetry
  • Measure impact in various dimensions: new value vs cost optimization
  • Strategy and implementation – have a roadmap, scale use cases, build new ones

5. How to achieve a data-driven culture?

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Pratim Das

Director, Data & AI Architecture and CDO Advisory at Microsoft UK

I have extensive experience in driving global strategic initiatives. Converting gaps to opportunities and opportunities to impact. In addition, I’m proficient in designing, managing and successfully delivering technology projects. Ability to work closely with tech and business executives to deliver the impact that’s needed.

Pablo Alvarez Doval

Partner & Principal Data Architect at Plain Concepts & Artificial Intelligence MVP

I’m Pablo, Partner & Principal Data Architect at Plain Concepts in the UK. With a background in relational databases, data warehousing, and traditional BI projects, I have spent the last years in my former role as Data Team Lead, architecting and building Big Data and Machine Learning projects for customers in different sectors, such as Healthcare, Digital Media, Retail and Industry.

Monica Stefan

UK Growth Strategy Lead at Plain Concepts

I’m Monica Stefan, and I’m excited to help Plain Concepts build their presence in the UK. Prior to this opportunity, Seattle was my home, where Microsoft ignited my passion for technology. What I love about being part of global teams is the exposure to understand the role of technology in a variety of businesses and meet some of the brightest individuals around the world. Like the ones here at Plain Concepts 🙂 In the attempt to get away from Seattle’s notorious rain, Los Angeles and New York City delighted me while working for American Express and AWS.

What I love most about technology is that it is the closest thing we have to magic!

Feel free to connect with me, always happy to help.

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