Introduction to Native (Ahead of Time) Compilation in DotNet


52 minutes

Microsoft keeps working in his AOT Native .NET runtime, optimized for ahead of time compilation. A feature that offers great benefits for many critical apps. Native compiled apps startup is faster since they execute already compiled code in a single file!   AOT enables some scenarios like:

  • Copying a single file executable from one machine and run on another (of the same kind) without installing a .NET runtime.
  • Creating and running a docker image that contains a single file executable (e.g. just one file in addition to Ubuntu).
  • Compiling dotnet managed libraries into shared or static libraries that can be consumed from other languages without COM or library wrappers. (Like c++ or Rust)
  • Smaller compilation output sizes.

In this session we will learn:

  • The main differences, benefits and drawbacks between Just-In-Time compilation and Ahead-Of-Time compilation
  • The startup and performance gains that AOT can bring us
  • How to compile our dotnet applications (console, webapps) into native code in Linux and Windows
  • Interoping with dotnet natively compiled libraries to be consumed by other languages (Demos with Rust)



Carlos Landeras

General Manager at Plain Concepts

When I was 8 years old I wanted a computer and not a bike. Passionate about technology for as long as I can remember and dedicated to it professionally for 13 years. In my beginnings, Obi-Wan guided me on the path of Unix System Administration but I turned into Darth Vader and switched to the dark side of programming. General Manager at Plain Concepts Benelux and MVP at Developer Technologies.

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