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June 21, 2022

We look forward to seeing you at OpenExpo Europe 2022!

The ninth edition of OpenExpo Europe is just around the corner, and we will be part of this leading event in technological innovation, digital transformation, and open source.

The last edition brought together more than 3,500 technology professionals from all industries and profiles, and this edition promises to be very special. Take note of all the details.!

OpenExpo Europe 2022

OpenExpo Europe is the largest congress and trade fair on business technology innovation in Europe. It will be held in Madrid on June 30, at La Nave.

This ninth edition is oriented to technological innovations and aims to become the largest information media of the international community on the contributions of open source and free software in the current and future digital revolutions.

They will discuss topics such as AI, hybrid cloud, machine learning, deep learning, open data, big data, IoT, PaaS, smart data, blockchain, cybersecurity, virtual reality, DevCon, etc.

Here you can see a summary of the last in-person edition:

OpenExpo Europe Madrid Agenda

The event will bring together more than 150 national and international speakers, who will discuss in different formats such as lectures, workshops, case studies, key speaks, meetups, forums, and round tables on the latest developments and trends in areas such as research, industry, and business.

All the activities will be distributed among the different rooms of the venue, where you can find the Plain Concepts Room, as we are one of the event’s main sponsors. In fact, our colleague Alejandro Hidalgo will be one of the speakers at the congress with his talk “Digital twins: the present of modeling and intelligent simulation.” It will be held in the Microsoft Room from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., and in it, he will address how digitization will affect most global companies and exponentially multiply physical modeling for remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, simulation, optimization of processes, and validation of product success before manufacturing in the physical world.

We will also have a booth (number 25) to address digital twins, giving never seen examples of point cloud environment capture technology and its subsequent 3D digitization. We will explain how we face these projects with the help of Evergine, our graphics engine, and what technologies and simulation possibilities based on these intelligent models we can apply to companies.

Developed in .NET and multiplatform in nature, Evergine offers graphic solutions that seek maximum realism in the representation of objects, visual effects, and lighting units to achieve maximum veracity. It is designed to enhance the capabilities of all types of companies through solutions based on augmented, virtual and mixed reality, and applies to sectors such as architecture, manufacturing, energy, entertainment, education, etc.

You can consult the complete agenda if you don’t want to miss anything

OpenExpo Europe Activities

In addition to all the presentations, debates, and official stand area, OpenExpo Europe 2022 will also feature parallel activities such as:

  • Open Live Labs: interactive and immersive areas where the latest technological innovations in robotics, AR, MR, VR, and XR will be shown.
  • Community & Partner Village: will be the perfect collaborative space to connect the open source and partner communities with companies and create new opportunities.
  • Woman Leader Talks: through mentoring and networking activities, we support diversity and try to fight against the large gender gap in the industry.
  • Startup Connector & Mentoring: conference spaces within the exhibition area with everything you need to receive the best advice.
  • Tech Hackathons: competition in which programmers, developers, designers, and marketers will have to develop together solutions to a problem or challenge.
  • Open Awards: these awards aim to publicly recognize companies, administrations, personalities, and communities that create, support, and promote great solutions with open source and free software technologies.
  • Y much more.


If you want to meet the leading companies in the sector, have a 360º vision of current trends, and discover new business opportunities, we are waiting for you on June 30 at OpenExpo Europe 2022!

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead