Azure Cognitive Search

Add a new dimension to your data

Cognitive Services allow us to leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques requiring no data and no model training. The platform uses pre-trained models that provide the latest AI algorithms for Text analysis, Intelligent search, computer vision, video analytics, Speech recognition/ generation and natural language understanding.

Thus, applications with cognitive power can transform your raw data into valuable information. This technology can be applied in all industries, increasing process efficiency, enabling accurate data analytics, and enhancing your customers’ experience. Thanks to AI, we can develop apps that translate information from one language to another, enable speaker verification and recognition, merge and enrich the company’s data sources in a knowledge base, optimize manual processes by cataloguing information in categories, etc.

Increase productivity

Apply Artificial Intelligence to more scenarios with the most complete portfolio on the market at your disposal.

Create reliable solutions

Artificial Intelligence services allow you to achieve human parity in Vision, Voice, and Artificial Language.

Without space limitations

You can now deploy Cognitive Services regardless of location. You choose whether from the cloud or to the edge.

Save time

You don’t need machine learning skills; you can get going quickly. You just need to choose when to start.

Azure Cognitive Search

Today, lack of information is not a primary challenge for businesses. Content is constantly generated. The biggest challenge is accessing information, especially when approximately 80% of businesses’ data is in unstructured formats such as Words and PDFs. Search service with built-in AI capabilities can ease this process. Azure cognitive search is a Microsoft service that enriches all types of information to help you identify and explore relevant content at scale. It provides cognitive skills for vision, language, and speech or uses custom machine learning models to uncover all content types’ insights.

Azure Cognitive Search combines AI services to drive content understanding over vast amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sources. It unifies all information in a single search index.

Azure Cognitive Search combines AI services to drive content understanding over vast amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data sources. It unifies all information in a single search index.

Search applications are essential in all industries in a variety of scenarios and end goals. They are more than just search engines that match queries to the terms found in documents or databases; they transform search into an exploratory experience. Thanks to the insights provided by machine learning models, one can uncover hidden relationships between documents, understand the user’s search intent and leverage semantic context to retrieve the most relevant search results.

Azure Cognitive Search use cases

Digital content management

Given the amount of unstructured data created daily, most companies have more files than they know what to do with.

Leveraging knowledge mining through a search index facilitates access to the information.

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Data extraction and process management

At an operational level, manual data entry is often time-consuming and error-prone.

Knowledge mining streamlines business processes by extracting information from business documents and funneling it automatically into business applications.


Technical content review

Reviewing technical and research content can be a tedious task. Azure Cognitive Search helps users quickly review these dense materials.

In cases where a problem diagnosis must be quick or near real-time, companies can use this technology to avoid costly mistakes and optimize the process.


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Auditing and compliance management

Regulations are continuously changing; organizations face the challenge of staying on top of audits and compliance. Mistakes in contracts can have serious financial problems.

A manual process to review the content might not be enough to catch everything. A search application can help organizations to stay above board.

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