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Blockchain Solutions

We bring your transaction processes into the digital era

Blockchain technology breaks into the business ecosystem to evolve the way companies operate thanks to a new scenario where data sharing is done in a secure and verifiable way, increasing trust, responsibility and transparency in all types of operations.

At Plain Concepts we design environments of maximum trust where information remains secure, indelible and unchangeable. We simplify the administration and governance tasks of your Blockchain networks, thereby reducing costs and fraud risk.

We help you explore all aspects of Blockchain technology, from strategy development to prototyping, product innovation or custom solutions that provide high value to your business. Also, thanks to our expertise we can integrate any Blockchain application in your company, regardless of your software or cloud service.

We can design, set up and implement your Blockchain network in the shortest time possible in order to accelerate your ROI.

Blockchain Guide For Beginners: What Is It and How Does It Work
In this introductory guide about Blockchain, we provide an easy explanation about this technology and how it’s changing the digital economy.
HÉLIX: The Platform for Boosting the Real Economy and Security in B2B Business Transactions
Discover Hélix, the platform developed by Plain Concepts which focuses on streamlining B2B transactions for companies, maximizing the liquidity of companies, and minimizing the risks in their transactions.
Blockchain Technology To Trace CO2 Emissions And Neutralize Carbon Footprint
Blockchain technology is playing a key role in the fight against climate change by tracking and reducing the carbon footprint of companies and organizations with Smart Contracts.