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Eliminate friction in your digital operations through Blockchain solutions

The Internet is becoming the primary medium for global transactions. Many challenges arise from managing business operations, especially when the business spans multiple parts of the world.

Blockchain technology has the potential to streamline business processes, increasing cybersecurity protection while reducing or eliminating the role of intermediaries. It also helps to monitor and track investments thanks to its high transparency, efficiency, and immutability of transactions.

Our value proposition

Blockchain will change how companies operate and find new opportunities in developing markets. Knowing how to join this revolution will be a significant differentiator, and at Plain Concepts, we are ready to help you be part of it.

Smart contracts

Smart contracts solve the problem of mistrust between different parties and business partners, helping transparency and reducing costs and time expenditure.

Introduce protocols in your business that ensure the integrity of multi-party agreements and automatically enforce the obligations set, such as loan and intellectual property applications, validate insurance eligibility, establish decentralized autonomous organizations, etc.

Tokenization of assets

Tokenization makes the payment acceptance process more accessible and more secure, and it helps create seamless payment experiences and reduces the risk of data breaches.

Including decentralized platforms in your business will allow users to create, manage and trade their tokens.

This will result in building trust with your customers, as well as minimizing red tape and real-time benefits.

Blockchain network development

When incorporating this technology into your business, it is essential to reduce double-spending errors and the need for obsolete third parties.

You are having your protocol based on this registry technology will allow you to simplify complex processes to reconcile potential data conflicts that may arise.

Now you can access secure and scalable ecosystems and peer-to-peer applications for transparent and fraud-free transactions between the parties involved.

NFT Gallery

An NFT represents a unique certificate of authenticity or ownership of digital assets with an unstoppable growth forecast.

The popularity of NFT markets creates a great deal of uncertainty about how to enter the process. You must consider defining a niche, choosing the optimal blockchain framework, creating smart contracts, setting up payment gateways, etc.

It is crucial that you have the right partner to facilitate the management of an NFT marketplace for you:

  • User profile management that allows you to view and monitor user activity.
  • Content management.
  • Real-time sales management.

Training and consulting

If you need a service to address any stage of the adoption process, from strategy or implementation to support and maintenance, we handle your training needs with a customized approach. You can close your developers’ knowledge gaps through multiple protocols and tools.

In addition, our experts will help you make the right decisions on which Blockchain protocol is best for your project through technical feasibility assessments.

Technological stack

We work with Ethereum, Solidity for smart contracts development, and web3.js for decentralized application development.

We use Ganache to simulate our Ethereum client to develop and test our applications. And for deploying our smart contracts, we rely on environments such as Truffle.

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Our approach: Implement, manage, scale

  1. Access to records at all times: We make available the unalterable record of transactions and asset tracking of your business network, totally transparent and reliable.
  2. Traceability of operations: You will have access to the information of each process from its origin to its final stage, with guarantees of legitimate origin and protection against forgery.
  3. Tokenization of assets: We provide an unalterable record of transactions to be traced back to the tangible asset. We guarantee the security of your confidential data (banking transactions, medical records, stock trades…).
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