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Cashlogy App: Control your business cash from your mobile phone

Thanks to Smart Concepts, we were able to build an IoT platform in a very short time, taking advantage of the most modern technologies of the moment, collaborating efficiently with our development team. In parallel, we developed a modern and elegant multiplatform application for our customers to get all the information from their Cashlogy machines.” – Asier Tarancon. Software Project Manager at Azkoyen Group.

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Grupo Azkoyen S.A. is a multinational company with headquarters in Navarra (Spain) specialized in the design, manufacture, and marketing of technological solutions for electronic payment methods, control and security systems, mechatronic solutions, and vending machines. The group is formed by three main divisions: Vending Systems, with the brands: Azkoyen and Coffetek; Payment Technologies, with the brands: Coges, Azkoyen Payment Technologies and Cashlogy; and Time & Security with the brands Primion, GET and Digitek and the Opertis brand for associated mechatronic solutions.
Cashlogy is the perfect automated cash control solution in which the owner decides who has access to cash and forgets about endless cash registers. In addition, it promotes store hygiene, protecting employees and customers with automated cash management, no change errors, and faster checkouts.


Within this context and with the aim of providing added value to its customers, Azkoyen wanted to develop a system that would allow its customers to have total control of the cash in their establishments in real-time from their cell phones; check the stock of coins and banknotes, record all the movements of the day, etc.


Supported by Smart Concepts, an IoT and Artificial Intelligence solution based on Microsoft Azure, Azkoyen has developed a solution capable of offering the added value it wanted for its customers. The owners of the establishments can make use of the Cashlogy App, an application that allows them to have full control of the cash of the business from their mobile.
In addition, it allows them to customize notifications and alerts necessary for cash control, as well as to configure different roles for access to information and money. In case the owner has several machines, the application allows to control them all at the same time.


Cashlogy App makes the day-to-day life of store owners easier and saves them time and peace of mind in their daily cash management. Having used Smart Concepts as the foundation for the creation of the system has allowed Azkoyen to have a solution on the market in less time, which has allowed them to quickly adapt to market needs and develop the different business scenarios that Azkoyen needs to provide differential value to its customers.

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