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MyPublicInbox: Messaging platform to communicate in a respectful way with relevant personalities

MyPublicInbox is an application that was born as a solution to the frequent misuse of digital communication channels (email, social networks, platforms…) when it comes to contacting someone we don’t know and who hasn’t asked us to write to them.

Web Development
React, Typescript, .NET, Azure
The high number of inquiries we currently receive through all available channels makes efficient management of communications impossible and becomes a source of frustration and loss of time. Furthermore, the excessive exposure of our contact details on the Internet implies risks that we are sometimes not aware of: identity theft, spam, malware, information and password theft...
Plain Concepts worked together with MyPublicInbox to create a tool that aims to solve all these problems, providing an easy, safe and respectful way to communicate with the most relevant personalities in the sector of your interest.


The goal was to create a messaging platform with two types of profiles: Public Profiles, the relevant people available to be contacted; and Contactors, the people who want to contact the Public Profiles and who must register with basic personal information to do so.

The initial challenges were numerous: defining how communications are established, defining types of profiles, the maximum length of messages, whether to allow or not to include links and whether to enable them or not, registration process, internal management tool... Another great challenge was the creation of the profile dashboard, as well as the management of the received messages, being an essential requirement that these were as intuitive as possible for the non-expert user.



Plain Concepts developed this application in React with Typescript, which connects to an API made in .NET Core, fully hosted in Azure. It is a Single Page Application (SPA), which offers a totally satisfactory user experience both on mobile and desktop.

As the priority was to provide service in the shortest time possible, an architecture was chosen that allows the implementation of new features very quickly and easily, but without leaving aside the quality and security guarantees.

Perhaps one of the most relevant aspects is the use of Azure Active Directory B2C, an identity management service that allows personalized control of registration, login, and profile management so that third parties can register.



Together with MyPublicInbox, Plain Concepts has managed to create a stable and very friendly platform with which to contact any Public Profile in a simple and time-sensitive manner. The application has an easy registration process, with practically no incidents, while at the same time it has managed to develop an inbox and different functionalities that make the user experience more pleasant.

Currently, several aspects are still being worked on, such as the development of a search engine, the constant improvement of the dashboard and the user experience, the possibility of adding file sharing functionality, and the possible development of the mobile application.