Eco-friendly solution that reinforces passenger safety against COVID-19

“With this solution we manage to expedite boarding and eliminate any situation that requires physical contact between the crew, passengers and their documents. We also managed to take a step further in terms of sustainability and to dispense with the printing of boarding passes, which account for more than 5 million units each year.” –Daniel Ramos, CIO & CDO en Naviera Armas Trasmediterránea


Founded in 1916, Trasmediterránea has been uniting ports and cities in Spain and North Africa for over 100 years, transporting people, vehicles and goods on more than 40 routes. They have one of the most modern and best equipped fleets in Europe, with the latest technological advances in safety and quality in on-board services.

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Because of the health crisis we are experiencing, Trasmediterránea had to look for a solution that would strengthen the safety of its passengers and crew at the time of boarding. It has relied on Plain Concepts to develop a project that eliminates physical contact between both parties, thanks to an optical system that increases security, ensures identity control of passengers in real time and increases the company’s environmental commitment.


Given the health risk situation triggered by the COVID-19, Trasmediterránea established new protocols to guarantee the safety of its customers and employees.
They wanted to go one step further and decided to create a new last meter boarding control system, aimed at eliminating any kind of physical contact, speeding up the process, guaranteeing identity control and, at the same time, reinforcing the company’s environmental commitment.
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In order to be able to deploy a new system that would enable the fulfillment of these objectives, we chose the open-source platform Xamarin, which has allowed us to develop applications with the advantage of being able to focus on a single language (.Net) and start the project.
Xamarin has made it easier to bring different operating systems, such as Android or iOS, an optimized app that achieves native performance and appearance for each. In addition, significantly accelerating the development of Azure DevOps solutions, which has allowed to streamline processes and have a first relay of the project in just 4 weeks.


Traditionally, the passenger had to make a pre-check-in, in which he had to print his boarding pass before going to the control located at the access to the ship. Now, passengers will only have to worry about purchasing their tickets through the official website, and show an official identification document, such as ID or passport, on the chosen day. There, Trasmediterránea staff will use the contactless handheld scanner, where personal data is extracted and crossed with the Azure cloud-hosted or locally downloaded shipping list.
This solution makes the crew visualize in real time the information of all the passengers, speeding up the boarding and eliminating any physical contact between them. In addition, a further step is taken in terms of sustainability by being able to dispense with the need to print boarding passes. More than 5 million units a year.
Thanks to the help of Plain Concepts and Microsoft technology, this project puts Trasmediterránea at the forefront of its sector, with a privileged position to revolutionize its boarding system and face any future challenges.