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Educational Bots: Learning through Chatbots

We have developed an educational bot using bot framework V4 with QnA, LUIS*, and Knowledge mining techniques to recover information about different courses.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that acts as an assistant that simulates and processes human conversations, communicating with users through text messages. This technology allows the user to have a conversation in which the bot solves their doubts without a person answering.

Chatbots are powered by AI, automatic rules, natural language processing (NPL), and Machine Learning to process data and give answers according to the questions. They also have the advantage of being available 24/7 to resolve those user queries. Algorithms allow chatbots to learn, intuiting the habits and understanding the tastes and preferences of users.

How to use chatbot for education

The Educational bot is able to obtain the courses that one user is enrolled in because he has inferred all user metadata from the student account. We used QnA Maker to build our knowledge base about the courses. In this case, the user is asking for the current government in the Netherlands.



  • When the student needs to know more about Mark Rutte, we are using LUIS (Cognitive Services) that is able to detect the “search” intent with the query “Mark Rutte”.
  • Previously, we have indexed all the content related to political sciences using Azure Cognitive Search with OCR and computer vision skills. In this example, the bot calls the Azure Search API and order the results by score (TF-IDF) detecting the documents and images where the query “Mark Rutte” appears.
  • In the third element of the carrousel appears and image of Mark Rutte. We used computer vision (cognitive services) during the indexing process, being able to obtain the caption of the images and the bounding boxes where the different objects can appear. In this case the persons and objected detected are Mark Rutte and tie.
  • The student selects the second document. As we can see in the view of the document the query “Mark Rutte” appears selected in this one.

* Language Understanding (LUIS) is a cloud-based API service that applies customized machine learning intelligence to a user’s natural language conversation or text to predict overall meaning and extract relevant and detailed information.

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