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September 23, 2021

FemTechConf, the global women in tech festival

That women in tech are coming on strong it’s a fact although the numbers seem to contradict it. In Spain, only 23% of the people working in the IT sector are women and 12% of the students enrolled in STEM programs are women. Plain Concepts is very proud of its women and the great value they bring to the company, which is why we love to support events that work towards giving a bigger visibility to women in this industry. Therefore, this year we couldn’t miss the opportunity to become a part of FemTechConf.

What is FemTechConf?

FemTechConf is an international community that aims to empower tech women. It seeks to help, inspire, and learn from each other, to provide a feeling of belonging and to help you reach your highest potential. They even collect job offers from companies in the sector to help women access positions for which they are fully prepared.

In its first edition in 2020, they managed to bring together more than 15,000 people from 95 countries in an event in which 40 professional women with a tech profile from large companies spoke about different technologies, diversity and inclusion, communication, leadership, and motivation.

Not just supporting, but also participating

We have had the privilege to not only be a Silver sponsor of this great event, but we have also been invited to bring one of our own colleagues as speaker. Natalia Romankevich, Software Development Engineer from the UK Data Team will participate in the event with the session “You Can Do AI: Leverage Computer Vision in Your App”. In her talk, she will explain some basics of computer vision and artificial neural networks and show how we can use them in web applications with almost zero knowledge of code.

We encourage you to follow the event and enjoy the interesting talks that will take place this Friday and Saturday.

Erika Cepeda
Érika Cepeda
Brand & Event Specialist

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