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Digitalization and sustainability are the key themes of this year’s edition of Hannover Messe, the world’s largest and most dynamic industrial trade fair. Our experts will be waiting for you in Hall 4 Stand E54 with plenty of exciting demos, innovative solutions, and our latest customer success stories. We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing the future of the industry!

A sneak peek into our booth
Industry 4.0 – Smart Concepts Industrial Accelerator Platform
Our Smart Industry Accelerator Platform for Data-driven ecosystems. Data acquisition, combination, and integration. Centralized data processing, storage, analysis, and visualization to extract valuable insights and improve business decisions and performance. 
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Industry 5.0 - Virtual Factory & Industrial Metaverse
Unlock and integrate the potential and capabilities of the end-to-end smart factory into your organisation making your business smarter, more efficient and sustainable.
Electrical Panel Demo
Try our HoloLens 2 electrical maintenance experience, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to guide non-specialist operators as they perform maintenance tasks.
Spot by Boston Dynamics
Thanks to our partnership with Boston Dynamics, now, Spot it is capable of performing inspection tasks, capturing data, mapping scenarios, increasing safety, detecting anomalies…
After more than 15 years in the industry, we developed Evergine. Discover the 3D graphics engine designed to develop augmented reality solutions for the industrial sector.
Envisioning Workshop
We raffle a workshop with our technical team, to provide training and personalised business analysis. Simply visit our stand and … enjoy.
Industry 5.0

Virtual Factory and Industrial Metaverse

Discover the latest trends
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WILLBÖ: Innovation in Industry 4.0 with Mixed Reality
Discover our “Willbö Holographic Model Tool”, an industrial engineering visualization application designed for the new Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality glasses.
Parc Tramuntana: 3D Viewer To See The Future Impact of a Wind Park
We have developed a 3D viewer that helps to assess the visual impact of wind farms in natural environments such as the Costa Brava.
SCADA: Managing The World's Largest Photovoltaic Plants
Developed for Acciona, our solution SCADA is a scalable and secure system capable of leveraging the power of data by managing large amounts of information coming from all kinds of systems.
CLH: How To Predict Demand, Maintenance and Leak Detection With AI
Plain Concepts applied Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to estimate future fuel demand, predict when each pipeline should undergo maintenance, or detect fuel leaks.
Airbus: Catia Viewer
Catia Viewer is an application based on Virtual Reality for the Oculus Rift device. It can simulate different real work scenarios so that an operator has virtual hands to either disassemble parts of an aircraft or adapt the workspace size.
Carreras: Advanced Analytics and a Modern Reporting Experience
Plain Concepts helped Carreras Logistics Group start their journey towards data governance and become a technology-driven company by deploying Sidra Data Platform.
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and Industrial Metaverse approach and solutions
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