operaria y realidad aumentada

Extended reality

Merge the physical and digital worlds and access a new universe of opportunities

Virtual and physical worlds are converging and renewing the landscape of many industries. Extended reality (XR) arises from the combination of natural and digital worlds, elevating users’ capabilities to a universe of possibilities where the real and the virtual blur.

Thanks to augmented and virtual reality solutions, creating new enriched experiences has reached an unimaginable level in terms of cost reduction, process enrichment, and user loyalty.

Our value proposition

AR/VR/MR application development

No matter what sector you belong to, thousands of extended reality business applications are waiting for you: product testing for retail, medical studies for surgery, virtual tours in real estate, gamification, employee training, remote inspection, etc.

Access an augmented, virtual, or mixed reality service where your content will be presented more attractively and realistically. In addition, you can create simulations of your products, services, or processes, eliminating the need for a classic in-person experience.


The metaverse is a new beginning to create something different, the next evolution of the Internet. That is why companies are multiplying and investing billions in building these interactive spaces.

Immerse yourself in a new universe where you can communicate in the same language as your customers and generate virtual industrial spaces that improve efficiency and remote monitoring.

360° experience services

Visualizing 360° panoramic images and videos facilitates the complete understanding of an environment or object reproducing the natural environment, offering users a unique experience.

Enhance your online presence and stand out from the competition with 360-degree experience services that will help you generate qualified leads that will improve your business.

XR R&D Services

If you are still determining what your business needs, it is best to conduct a feasibility study and establish proof of concept or MVP to enhance the strategy and operational plan that best suits your business.

You can count on a team of experts who will study your case and accompany you throughout the process.

Immersive learning

The way we teach is transforming as the demands of new generations of learners and employees evolve. Most knowledge is forgotten after a few weeks, so providing active learning is the most effective way to generate better results.

Immersive learning creates simulated environments where learners interact and are part of the learning process, providing them with enhanced capabilities and reducing costs through XR technology.

Our approach

  1. Reduction of human error: The error rate of employees and users is reduced through visual training that accelerates learning and knowledge retention.
  2. Time and cost efficiency: You will achieve improved efficiency while reducing operating costs and resolution time through access to real-time data.
  3. Increased productivity: You will improve speed and accuracy in an environment where extended reality will help to understand the process better.
  4. Better customer experience: Anticipate what your customers demand and offer innovative experiences never seen before.
  5. Increased user retention: By engaging your users through a more attractive visual context, retention of products and services will improve.
  6. Boost collaboration: Change how your team collaborates with each other thanks to a virtual environment that connects them more dynamically and realistically.
Parc Tramuntana: 3D Viewer To See The Future Impact of a Wind Park
We have developed a 3D simulation solution that shows the visual impact of wind farms in natural environments, such as the Costa Brava.
MRLink Unit: Remote control of a robot through MR
MRLink Unit is presented to provide the industrial sector with a tool that allows the gestural telecontrol of quadruped robots to accelerate the digitization and modernization of the sector towards the new paradigm of Industry 4.0.
Augmented Reality Guided Biopsies
This application developed for the Augmented Reality glasses HoloLens is able to graphically display the scanner of a patient in 3D to help physicians decide from where to take a sample during a biopsy.