Lykeion, one ML platform to rule them all


34 minutes

The daily basis of a data scientist consists of analyzing data, testing hypotheses and contrasting them, and finally giving the solution to the different parties involved in the process. However, this last mile of getting in production the models created is not an easy task. In this talk, we are to show you the approach that we follow in Cabify to make it easier for data scientists to put into value their work to the different parties through Lykeion, our own ML production-ready platform.


Eduardo Matallanas

Eduardo Matallanas

Senior Data Scientist at Cabify

I am a Ph.D. in the areas of Computer Science and Energy Management by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). My thesis focuses on the application of collaborative artificial neural networks for the optimization of electrical resources. Member of the scientific community with numerous publications in international journals in the field of applying AI algorithms. I am a member of the developer community in the area of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. I spent over a decade dedicated to the application and study of AI algorithms in different areas: digital signal processing, robotics, image and speech processing, etc. I had also developed different applications with virtual assistants and chatbots for the accompaniment of workers.

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