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February 25, 2021

Plain Concepts becomes Azure Databricks Global Partner

Databricks, a company founded by the creators of Apache Spark, has become the most successful unified data analytics platform on Azure. The tool allows you to work with Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in a simplified way thanks to its collaborative data science and productionalization of Machine Learning projects.

In our quest to continue to offer our customers the highest level of excellence, we have received the Databricks Global Partner certification.

Global Partner Azure Databricks

It is a recognition that makes us become part of a select group of partners and that will allow us to continue promoting the creation of Big Data solutions through a collaboration based on deep knowledge about data engineering, accelerating the life cycle of data science, developing AI-based solutions and driving business results to scale, helping our customers modernize their businesses and improve their digital transformation through data-driven decision-making.

Databricks Global Partner Program

Databricks’ mission is to accelerate customer innovation by unifying Data Science, engineering and business. Users see their time revalued by creating analytical workflows. It also makes it easy to focus on data by providing a manageable, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure that simplifies operations and reduces costs.

Databricks’ Global Partner program offers benefits to help partners market, sell, and offer solutions using this platform. These have access to the latest use cases, architectures and design patterns to maximize the tool’s capabilities and help customers innovate faster.

The demand for data solutions, Machine Learning and AI, make the market grow every day. The program begins with general vision training, virtual classroom resources and a personalized pace and specific training to achieve the highest level of technical skills development. Partners can create differentiated offerings, as well as use their marketing resources for business actions and drive new business.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Through the program, partners have access to the platform to create use cases for each industry, differentiated and repeatable (financial services, healthcare, retail, energy, advertising and marketing…). It allows the development of technical skills for data engineers and scientists, with deep immersion in best practices, advanced features, problem solving, improvement techniques… In addition, this habilitation is offered in several formats: classroom, virtual and personalized sessions with their own rhythm.

Additional support includes access to events and exclusive material through the select online partner community, as well as collaboration with cloud and software partners. This results in these faster optimized workloads, generating immediate ROI and speeding up the migration of customer legacy data.

Support from Global Databricks Team

The second pillar of the program is that partners can contact the global Databricks team for assistance in making technology and customer requests. These teams are located around the world to provide partners with access to expertise through the figures of partner managers and solution architects.

By accelerating innovation by eliminating silos and unifying data science, engineering and business, companies can adopt tangible Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning strategies.

Benefits of being Databricks Global Partner

Through the partner program, partners can leverage Databricks’ expertise in unified analysis, in addition to training programs and global team to train customers.

Some of the results of being part of this program translate into:

  • Effective customer engagement: custom profiles, history, transactional data…
  • Decision services management: customer segmentation, CRM data, market data…
  • Risk and revenue management: transaction data, demographics, trends…
  • Market analysis: transactional and government data, consumer location and behavior, event data, social media…
  • Market analysis: transactional and government data, consumer location and behavior, event data, social media…

The main benefits are:

  • Designated Partner Team Contact
  • Invitations to Partner-only Events
  • Collaboration with Field Sales and Solution Architects
  • Invitations to Technical Briefings and Webinars
  • Access to the Databricks Partner Portal
  • Access to Marketing, Sales, and Architecture Content
  • Support for Customer Technical Validation
  • Opportunity Referral Fees

This new certification represents a new step forward in the specialization and leadership of Plain Concepts as a company developer of Big Data solutions, covering the entire Business Intelligence ecosystem with custom developments, Business Data Lake or our solution, Sidra Data Platform.

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