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February 23, 2023

Plain Concepts joins the Spanish Chambers of Commerce in its internationalization strategy

The beginning of 2023 brings much positive news and significant announcements for Plain Concepts. Today we can share one more: we are joining the Spanish Chambers of Commerce in several European countries and the United States.

This is a key institution in developing economic and commercial relations between countries and providing unique opportunities for business promotion in different markets.

What does this union mean for Plain Concepts?

As part of the company’s key internationalization strategy, relying on a national partner like the Chambers of Commerce abroad will significantly boost the expansion objectives set for the coming years.

On the one hand, it will help us find the best synergies through companies established in the country where we want to grow, making it easier for us to sign new partnerships and meet potential clients. On the other hand, it will be a great way to learn more about the casuistry of each territory, which simplifies the transition and boosts growth.

This is a handy tool for networking and promoting the Plain Concepts brand, and we will make the most of it. Being a patron allows us to participate in more than 50 events a year where we can leave the company’s mark and access an extensive database where there is continuous communication between the Chamber’s network and our network of partners.

Next Steps

We aim to become the organization’s innovation partner of reference and help the different international Chambers of Commerce and companies with their technological challenges and unique market solutions.

We have started this first approach with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the UK, an institution with more than 130 years of history, which has already provided us with several project opportunities that we are working on and of which we will be able to give more details shortly.

In fact, we are working on a first face-to-face event on artificial intelligence aimed at all members of the Chamber to talk about process optimization and sustainability through technology.

As a result of this union, we also saw the possibility of collaborating with the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, with which we can now say that we have a close relationship.

The next step was to become a patron of the New York Chamber of Commerce. This is the most dynamic Chamber in the United States and where the most exciting companies for us are located. It is the logical step from the West Coast, where we already have a presence, to the East Coast, where we want to make the most impact.

Brussels and Frankfurt will be the next Chambers on our list to follow in the European market.

This is just the beginning of the push for Plain Concepts’ international expansion. We will continue to share with you our following news.

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead