Committed to a more sustainable world

Every day we face the challenge of the increasing scarcity of resources, climate change, inequalities, changes in the way we consume… That is why we believe that sustainability is a fundamental pillar not only for our society but also for building solid businesses.

We strive to do things differently and to constantly improve, both for our customers and employees, and for the community around us. Our goal is to create value through corporate responsibility, which is why we innovate to increase the impact of our actions and explore new ways to use our technology to overcome new global challenges.

We are constantly working to improve and meet the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly through small actions such as implementing remote work and encouraging the use of public transport to reduce CO2 emissions, implementing recycling in all our offices, creating a wellness platform for all our employees, prioritizing the safety of the entire team during the pandemic or holding all kinds of solidarity events on a regular basis, with the certainty that from our position we can and must contribute to the path towards a much more sustainable world.

no plastic

Plastic reduction

We have reduced the use of plastic in all of our office (cups, bottles…) and replaced them with environmentally friendly materials. Even a large part of our merchandising is now made of sustainable materials.


Fighting for equality

Our values are centered on equality, diversity, and inclusion of all individuals. We prioritize talent and believe that everyone has the right to have access to fair opportunities.


Recycling of waste

We have implemented a culture of recycling in our offices to provide a second life to our waste and most polluting elements (batteries, toners, paper, etc.).

employees well being

Employee wellness

We have always been aligned with remote work and improvements for better work-life balance. In addition, we are in the process of developing a wellness platform for our employees.

CO2 emissions

Reduction of CO2 emissions

We offer the possibility of working 100% remotely to avoid commuting and we offer incentives so that those who want to work from the office can get there using public transportation.


Involved with the change we want

We believe in a better society and we collaborate with organizations dedicated to fundraising for charitable associations, food donations, promotion of humanitarian actions…

Creating value for our clients


One of our goals is to become leaders in sustainability, which is why we seek opportunities to minimize our impact on the environment. Our solutions help our customers reduce costs and their environmental impact by minimizing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through technology.

We believe that virtual environments are the key to a radical shift towards a more sustainable economy, which is why we have helped organizations incorporate innovative technological developments that enable them to adapt to more productive and sustainable ways of working. From infrastructure migrations to the cloud that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, to AI-enabled process automation that incorporate sustainability actions, such as eliminating the use of paper.

We help our clients improve the productivity of their businesses and, in addition, empower them to achieve more efficient and sustainable processes. Some examples:



Thanks to our development, we avoided the printing of millions of boarding passes per year, in addition to increasing security.

planta petrolifera


Migration and modernization of their data center to Microsoft Azure, with more than 2,000 servers located in 2 countries.

cuarto servidores


Migration of more than 100 databases to Azure without interrupting the service, providing access to an innovative, optimal and agile environment.

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Much more than technology


At Plain Concepts, sustainability is a way to achieve the best economic and social results by effectively managing our operations and projects. We constantly strive to achieve new certifications and we can now proudly say that we hold ISO 9001:2015 for Quality, ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security, and ISO 14001:2015 for the Environment. The latter is another step towards a more sustainable company since this certification has been achieved thanks to the commitment and increase of online events during the year 2020, as well as the promotion of flexible remuneration and the increase of projects in Infrastructure (Migrations to the cloud), which reduce CO2 emissions.

Year after year we work hard to keep improving and these are some of our achievements so far.

Diversity and inclusion

We fight for a more equal and inclusive world, which is why IAMCP and Microsoft have awarded our commitment to inclusion and diversity.

Great Place to Work
Thinking of our employees

Our employees come first, and their well-being is our priority, so we adapt to their needs and provide facilities such as remote work. That is why they have chosen us as a Great Place to Work.

Campana Vacunacion Unicef
Commitment with the community

We collaborate with numerous humanitarian actions to make our contribution to improve the world around us: solidarity events, donations to NGOs, races…

Cruz Roja
Fighting against COVID-19

We are involved in the fight against COVID-19 by participating in various humanitarian actions to mitigate its consequences and help those who need it the most.

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Statement of non-financial information


Annually, we prepare the Non-Financial Information Statement, which consists of a management report on the business group, verified by an expert, independent and competent entity, in which information is provided with full transparency on aspects that go beyond the merely financial and provide great business value.

This report provides information related to corporate governance, risk identification, environmental issues, social and personnel issues, equality and diversity, impact on society, human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery.