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October 18, 2022

What is a Technology Partner and Why Do You Need One

In a business, you don’t have to walk alone to find success. Allying with partners who have experience and knowledge lightens the path. That is why, when it comes to adopting new technologies or software, having a technology partner paves the way and makes it more innovative and disruptive.

What is a Technology Partner

A technology partner provides technical services to a company, in such a way that it even becomes involved with corporate objectives. To this end, it provides various employee profiles, from software or hardware development to technology consulting. Its commitment is to quality of service.

Why Do You Need a Technology Partner

From the improvement of internal processes to the commitment to innovation that is now demanded of all companies, there are many reasons to count on a technology partner:

  • It complements your business model with technical tools that serve to boost it.
  • It serves to develop the project more quickly since the technological partner has the expertise and the team to promote it.
  • It has tools that generate added value to your product or service.
  • Responds to technical contingencies with agility.
  • Saves costs in the company, by not having to develop software or other technological tools on its own.
  • Improve business innovation, by bringing the most disruptive technologies to the heart of your company, or at least by communicating the latest industry trends to inspire you.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Technology Partner

When looking for a technology partner, commitment and transparency will prevail, i.e. that the partner is able to meet the deadlines or quality agreed upon at the beginning of the project. It is also the time to set conditions such as access to certain information; that is, if the partner will give passwords or permissions to access, for example, the app or the website, or if he will only manage it.

A technological partner stands out for its human team: qualified and certified personnel in the technical tools and with a background in the development of projects and technologies.

In fact, since we are talking about “qualified and certified personnel”, it is advisable to check that the company or its employees have official certifications for the software or other services they claim to know.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to check that the technology partner has worked with other companies in our industry or has experience in the service we want to ask for. This previous experience is useful for the partner to help you even with details that you did not know and that could add value to your project.

Speed is another of the virtues of a technology partner: it must be agile to respond to unforeseen events in the company, in order to find a solution as soon as possible.

In addition to technical development, a technology partner can also offer advice and consultancy. Its members advise on which is the best tool to use or which technology to implement in order to obtain more benefits.

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The Value of a Software Company

The value provided by a software company as a partner lies in its experience developing quality technological tools, or providing consulting services.

It is important to have software that adapts to the needs of the company. It can be a software that many companies have or one tailored to specific needs.

Plain Concepts as Technology Partner

In the case of Plain Concepts, we work together with you to develop technological solutions that scale your business or improve productivity by disseminating agile methodologies among employees. Our technological stack (portfolio of technological tools, mobile or desktop apps, platforms…) is very broad: this breadth of service makes it easy for us to tell you which technical solution you really need.

Plain Concepts teams are specialized in a wide range of technological services: AI, Big Data, IoT… The projects we work on can combine these and other technologies, such as Mixed Reality or Blockchain. In addition, we have our own products available to our customers, such as Evergine (a graphics engine for 3D development in the industrial sector). Our coverage of all types of technologies means that we export more value than if we only worked with our own technological developments.

We have worked with both national and international companies. In addition to deploying technological innovations within them, we offer training, and know-how so that your employees are independent and do not depend on us in order to get the most out of the customized solution we have prepared for you.

Plain Concepts Certifications


Plain Concepts has Microsoft certifications as Mixed Reality Partners in Europe and the United States, Gold Partner, and AI Partner. In addition, we were the first Spanish partner of the company to develop HoloLens 2.

We have been present at more than 100 events about Microsoft technologies and we have worked with them on the launch of products for important events such as Connect, Ignite, Inspire, or Microsoft Build.

In 2022, we were named a global AI finalist in the Microsoft Partner of the Year. This award recognizes work in the design and development of customer solutions and the use of Azure AI. Only four European companies have received this recognition.

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On the other hand, we are Databricks partners: we develop solutions for big data processing.


We are also a GitHub Verified Partner in Spain. This recognition proves our work with open source and Azure DevOps. We have been the first company to receive it in Spain.

Source code management, process templates, or the implementation of Visual Studio App Center (a service for creating and monitoring mobile and desktop apps) are some of the recurring themes in our work with customers.

CCN-STIC Guidelines Implementing Entity

The National Cryptologic Center (CCN) of Spain certified us as an Implementing Entity of CCN-STIC Guides, a title that very few companies in Spain have. This corroborates that, when implementing technological solutions in third parties, it is done under guidelines and standards that confirm the security of the information in use.

Also, the CCN accredited us as an Accredited Training Entity for the Secure Configuration of Cloud Scenarios (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365) and Implementing Entity for the Secure Configuration of Cloud Scenarios.


For more than 15 years, Plain Concepts has implemented its technological solutions in companies in many sectors: banking, energy, media… This gives us a great experience that serves as a background to develop new projects.

In addition, as you have seen, we have numerous certifications in various fields that demonstrate our expertise to help you in these fields. Contact us, and let’s schedule a meeting and show you how we can work together.


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