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Artificial Intelligence

Increase the agility of your business and the accuracy of your strategic decisions

In the age of data, companies are collecting massive amounts of information. And the ability to transform that data into greater business insight has become a differential between companies in all industries.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to automate, sift and segment all kinds of data, transform it into quality information about your business, improve commercial advantage, identify new market opportunities, automate at scale, etc.

Incorporate custom-designed Artificial Intelligence solutions and discover a new knowledge scenario, reach your business goals faster, and generate a technological ecosystem that sustainably drives your company’s growth.

We help you face the digital revolution with the AI-based solution that best suits your company
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Artificial Intelligence

Our value proposition: Tailored solutions for each case

Knowledge Mining

Thanks to knowledge extraction techniques, you will process millions of documents such as images, videos, and structured data (databases, files, Excel, or .csv), allowing you to understand the information better.

Using automated file classification and applying semantic search and correlation techniques reduces manual work time and human error, and access to relevant information is increased.

  • Achieve faster, more valuable, and natural results and much higher productivity and efficiency rates.
  • Access automatic rankings and more innovative search results.
  • You can focus on the best files, candidates, or cases thanks to selection algorithms.
  • Reduce complexity and make more efficient use of resources.

Smarter sensing

Facilities and enterprise systems are increasingly benefiting from sensors that measure critical metrics, some of which are vital to monitor business operations properly.

Adding AI to the vast amount of collected data makes it easier to deeply analyze these metrics to detect which parameters or adjustments can optimize processes and save costs.

Any type of company, especially in the industrial sector, can take advantage of the enormous possibilities offered by AI. This technology allows you to connect multiple data points and turn them into valuable insights for your business.

The introduction of AI also boosts the use of digital twins: this valuable data is used to detect areas for improvement in operations and processes. Also, the possibility of simulating certain behaviors on assets and even being able to control them in real-time.

  • Achieve high accuracy in detecting incidents and alerting of faults 24/7 thanks to cost-effective monitoring through Computer Vision, cameras, and sensors.
  • Minimize downtime and parts life through cycle optimization driven by predictive maintenance.
  • Drive efficiency by saving on energy consumption and streamlining logistics actions.
  • Make better business decisions through intelligent analysis of demand or consumption forecasting.
  • Identify and receive alerts on patterns and behaviors of people and critical parts of a facility.

Driving the retail sector

The connection between physical and digital environments brings new and innovative ways to engage with the end customer or consumers.

You can apply Machine Learning to generate personalized suggestions and recommend future purchases based on their behavior and history.

Or even apply Computer Vision to detect the patterns and moods of potential customers within shopping areas.

You can also introduce chatbots to perform assistance and support tasks, making it easier for your team to focus on more challenging tasks.

  • Monitoring metrics and behaviors with heat maps and purchase KPIs.
  • Recommend future purchases based on your customers’ behavior, leading to increased sales.
  • Generate business insights and growth with big data analytics.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with a closer and more responsive customer experience, significantly reducing inquiries by other means.
  • You will also be able to analyze users and characterize them and customers to carry out the best digital marketing campaigns.

Efficient and personalized healthcare

Innovative medicine automates and streamlines the processing of technical drug information.

AI enhances inventory management, demand forecasting, and pharmaceutical logistics at every chain step. Diagnosis is also becoming increasingly efficient thanks to tools such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, or massive genetic analysis.

It is gaining much traction in planning personalized surgeries, using 3D scans of each patient to detect organs and avoid critical areas, processing diagnoses, and extracting conditions and phenotypes from medical records faster.

  • It reduces the incident rate and enhances safer procedures.
  • It optimizes processes in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, decreasing the time required for production and reporting.
  • Improves diagnostic accuracy at very high rates.

Reshaping the media

Media and audiovisual companies face new challenges daily, from viewers demanding better visual information to processing a large amount of video and the associated complexity or time.

AI has positioned itself as one of the most successful solutions thanks to real-time detection of shots, objects, people, words, or behaviors. In addition, it can analyze emotions and incorporate all the data with automated tagging, this makes the desired material easier to find and reproduce.

  • Save time and enhance your possibilities thanks to your users’ automatic classification and tagging.
  • Incorporate more valuable information into your video materials with behavioral analysis.
  • Easily search for what you need through keywords and associated data.
  • Get real-time narratives and information thanks to AI-powered detection.
Energy, Oil & Gas
Thanks to our experience with clients such as Acciona or Repsol, we specialize in the development of vertical solutions designed to give companies access to predictive maintenance and anomaly detection solutions, time series analysis and energy production prediction.
The healthcare sector is adopting AI at a steady pace. At Plain Concepts, we are committed to improving the capabilities of this sector by incorporating the latest technology.

We have already succeeded in improving the accuracy of mammography analysis, detecting the pharmacological impact on specific groups of patients as well as helping in the detection of phenotypes and medical classifications, or in the automated extraction of information from drug datasheets.

Digital Media
AI is humanizing the capabilities of machines, and this makes them a great ally even when it comes to creative tasks.

We implement Artificial Intelligence solutions that enable your teams to curate content in order to offer your users the information they are looking for, analyze your current customer rotation for fostering customer loyalty, predict future sales or identify the key factors causing the loss of a reader.

Extracting knowledge or conducting information searches on large databases are tasks that demand great accuracy, and therefore involve a high investment of time.

Through our Artificial Intelligence solutions, we accelerate all the actions of the process and ensure the suitability of the data obtained through the use of cognitive services, NLP algorithms and machine vision.

Retail & CPG
Our AI solutions for the food sector allow supermarkets or shops to automatically control both refrigerators and shelves and collect information on the most chosen items, the most returned products to their locations, the time used for product replacement, etc. through machine vision.
Microsoft Labs
We work with Microsoft to develop labs that blur the boundaries of AI capabilities.

  • Drawing Bot: Systems capable of making images from scratch based on written descriptions.
  • Automatic Reading: Systems capable of analyzing a written text to the point of answering users’ questions about it.
  • Visual storytelling: From a photograph introduced by the user, systems are capable of generating narrative stories that faithfully reflect the image content.

Our approach

Our way of working is based on finding the solution that solves your problem in the best and most efficient way, providing value from the first iteration. In this way, we manage to move the needle and impact the business once we come in to design solutions.

  1. We study the use case.
  2. We explore the data to find the clues that will help us solve the problem.
  3. We prototype, transform the data, clean it, and do what is necessary to test different approaches.
  4. We validate with the client that the developed solution is needed.
  5. We put into production the result integrating it with the different mechanisms and systems needed.
  6. We monitor that the model’s state is correct and that there are no drifting problems within the model.
  7. We test that the model provides the business with the desired value.

The essential thing in the whole process is to create end-to-end products that are alive and can be carried out. Therefore, we ensure that you receive a differential and specialized treatment for each case, where we analyze the needs of each client to see where there is room for improvement. We help you define your strategy to create your roadmap and accompany you throughout the value chain.

Our expertise

  • 70+ AI projects over the last five years
  • Only company in Europe with 3 AI MVPs
  • AI Partner of Microsoft Spain in 2021
  • +400 development experts
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