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Artificial Intelligence

Increase the agility of your business and the accuracy of your strategic decisions

In the age of data, companies are collecting massive amounts of information. And the ability to transform that data into greater business insight has become a differential between companies in all industries.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to automate, sift and segment all kinds of data, transform it into quality information about your business, improve commercial advantage, identify new market opportunities, automate at scale, etc.

Incorporate custom-designed Artificial Intelligence solutions and discover a new knowledge scenario, reach your business goals faster, and generate a technological ecosystem that sustainably drives your company’s growth.

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Unlocking the full potential of Generative AI
Area of greatest specialization and business impact
  • Knowledge Mining
    Thanks to knowledge extraction techniques, you will process millions of documents such as images, videos, and structured data (databases, files, Excel, or .csv), allowing you to understand the information better.

    Using automated file classification and applying semantic search and correlation techniques reduces manual work time and human error, and access to relevant information is increased.

    • Achieve faster, more valuable, and natural results and much higher productivity and efficiency rates.
    • Access automatic rankings and more innovative search results.
    • You can focus on the best files, candidates, or cases thanks to selection algorithms.
    • Reduce complexity and make more efficient use of resources.

  • Machine Learning
    The great advances in the field of neural networks and the development of all kinds of deep learning algorithms, together with the current computing capabilities and the arrival of Big Data, allow us to design all kinds of applications and customized solutions.

    Thanks to Machine Learning, we develop solutions capable of improving themselves in every interaction or process execution.

  • Cognitive Service
    Cognitive Services allow us to incorporate the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence into all types of solutions: Voice, Vision, Knowledge, Language, etc.

    We can create customized solutions for you to interact with your customers around the world through instant translation systems, boost security through facial recognition, and leverage cost savings through document cataloging and transcription.

  • Computer Vision
    Our machine vision developments allow machines to mimic our vision capabilities so they can capture, process, analyze and understand images.

    We develop Deep Learning models using tools such as Tensorflow and PyTorch with the aim of generating all kinds of visualizations that allow the equipment to automatically detect objects, images, faces, etc.

  • Smarter sensing
    Facilities and enterprise systems are increasingly benefiting from sensors that measure critical metrics, some of which are vital to monitor business operations properly.

    Adding AI to the vast amount of collected data makes it easier to deeply analyze these metrics to detect which parameters or adjustments can optimize processes and save costs.

  • Digital Twins
    Any type of company, especially in the industrial sector, can take advantage of the enormous possibilities offered by AI. This technology allows you to connect multiple data points and turn them into valuable insights for your business and the introduction of AI also boosts the use of digital twins.

    This valuable data is used to detect areas for improvement in operations and processes. Also, the possibility of simulating certain behaviors on assets and even being able to control them in real-time.

  • Bots & NPL
    We develop solutions ready to process our natural language automatically.

    This translates into equipment capable of understanding all types of documents, becoming a powerful aid when analyzing opinions, detecting topics of interest, extracting specific words or phrases, classifying documents and much more.

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Predictive Pipeline Maintenance
  • Energy Consumption Optimization
  • Anomaly Detection

Healthcare & Biotech

  • Virtual Care
  • Interoperability Accelerator
  • Hospital Impact Forecasting
  • Biomedical Data Analytics

Legal & Business

  • Lead Case Selection
  • Data Extraction and Process Management
  • AI-Based License Management
  • Bot for legal clauses

Consumer Goods & Retail

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Retail search
  • Recommendations
  • Inventory Organization

Engineering and Manufacturing

  • Industrial Adaptive Controls
  • Visual Inspection
  • Logistic Optimization
  • Connected Operations

Financial Services

  • Andi-Money Laundering
  • Know Your Customer
  • Lending Doc Processing
  • Risk Analyst

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Transport & Logistics

  • Optimize Safety Stock
  • Logistics Data Platform
  • Geo-visual Multicamera
  • Travelers 360 profiles

picture about iot in transportation and logistics
Technology Services

  • Synthetic Data Showcase
  • Differential Privacy
  • Responsible AI
  • AI Lab Style Transfer

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Construction & Real State

  • Optimize Construction
  • Computer Vision for Safety
  • Smart Risk Prevention
  • Smart Building

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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence
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