Soluciones Inteligencia Artificial

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Add a new dimension to your data

Artificial Intelligence brings together a large number of technologies that provide machines with the ability to understand, analyze, and learn, turning them into tools capable of automating and improving processes autonomously.

Plain Concepts, Microsoft Partner on AI, specializes in the creation of new data relationships through the use of heterogeneous information sources, which combined with our developments of Artificial Intelligence exponentially increase the production capacities of both machines and human teams.

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Artificial Intelligence
Energy, Oil & Gas
Thanks to our experience with clients such as Acciona or Repsol, we specialize in the development of vertical solutions designed to give companies access to predictive maintenance and anomaly detection solutions, time series analysis and energy production prediction.
The healthcare sector is adopting AI at a steady pace. At Plain Concepts, we are committed to improving the capabilities of this sector by incorporating the latest technology.

We have already succeeded in improving the accuracy of mammography analysis, detecting the pharmacological impact on specific groups of patients as well as helping in the detection of phenotypes and medical classifications, or in the automated extraction of information from drug datasheets.

Digital Media
AI is humanizing the capabilities of machines, and this makes them a great ally even when it comes to creative tasks.

We implement Artificial Intelligence solutions that enable your teams to curate content in order to offer your users the information they are looking for, analyze your current customer rotation for fostering customer loyalty, predict future sales or identify the key factors causing the loss of a reader.

Extracting knowledge or conducting information searches on large databases are tasks that demand great accuracy, and therefore involve a high investment of time.

Through our Artificial Intelligence solutions, we accelerate all the actions of the process and ensure the suitability of the data obtained through the use of cognitive services, NLP algorithms and machine vision.

Retail & CPG
Our AI solutions for the food sector allow supermarkets or shops to automatically control both refrigerators and shelves and collect information on the most chosen items, the most returned products to their locations, the time used for product replacement, etc. through machine vision.
Microsoft Labs
We work with Microsoft to develop labs that blur the boundaries of AI capabilities.

  • Drawing Bot: Systems capable of making images from scratch based on written descriptions.
  • Automatic Reading: Systems capable of analyzing a written text to the point of answering users’ questions about it.
  • Visual storytelling: From a photograph introduced by the user, systems are capable of generating narrative stories that faithfully reflect the image content.

adn cadena
Dx29: AI To Diagnose Rare Diseases
Dx29 is an Artificial Intelligence-assisted platform built to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of rare diseases.
CLH: How To Predict Demand, Maintenance and Leak Detection With AI
Plain Concepts applied Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to estimate future fuel demand, predict when each pipeline should undergo maintenance, or detect fuel leaks.
Aenor Incorporates AI in the Advanced Search for Regulations
Plain Concepts designed an innovative project to implement Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Services solutions using Microsoft Azure.