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Artificial Intelligence for shortlisting applicants

Plain Concepts developed a process based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically screen the most suitable applicants for a job offer through an automated classification that classified applicants into two categories: suitable and unsuitable.

The main objective of the project was to use AI techniques to automate part of the selection processes. Additionally, efforts were made to provide a parallel process that would reuse the existing models with the arrival of new data, so that the solution could evolve according to the new features of potential scenarios.

Infojobs Brasil
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Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning, Azure ML
In the field of Artificial Intelligence, a classification problem consists of identifying under which category falls an observation, based on a set of data containing observations whose category is already known. To do this, we used a 180 Gb dataset containing data corresponding to different categories, such as: logistics, administration, arts, fashion, etc. To that end, we created as many models as categories with the aim of making the models as specific as possible in order to obtain a deep and precise classification of the applicants.


Infojobs Brazil is the most visited job and talent search platform in Brazil, with over 32 million visits per month and 31 million registered applicants.

Faced with this large volume of applications and registrations, InfoJobs Brazil realized the heavy workloads its HR department was managing and the need to optimize part of its processes in order to continue to provide quality services.

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Our solution has helped Infojobs Brazil to significantly reduce its HR workload. Now their HR team only analyzes those profiles proposed for a vacancy that present characteristics of strong interest to the company posting the job.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence solutions, we help companies to improve their decision-making processes and make them more efficient by applying Automatic Learning techniques, Visual Computing or text analysis, among others.

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Any company that handles a large volume of information can benefit from Artificial Intelligence to offer its customers the best user experience, showing them user products adapted to their needs, providing the most relevant information and suggesting ideas for improvement that will help them carry out their work more efficiently.