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March 1, 2022

Plain Concepts lands in Australia as a leader in software development

In the last few years, Plain Concepts has gone through many changes, overcoming increasingly difficult challenges and setting new goals. It has been months of preparation and hard work, but we can now say that we have landed on a new continent and that we have opened an office in Sydney!

We have become leaders in software development, custom solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, UX/UI Design, Cloud, Apps, IoT, and Blockchain for companies that are joining the digital transformation.

Now we open new markets where we can develop and innovate in new projects and Australia is our new destination. Shall we embark on this journey together?

Custom Technology Solutions

Our disruptive offering has led us to open our 15 offices located around the world, where we have completed more than 2,000 projects for companies in all types of sectors, such as retail, insurance, banking, logistics, health, energy, manufacturing, media, education… And this is just the beginning.

We help our clients by offering customized, innovative, and attractive solutions to solve all kinds of digital needs.

Data Solutions

Big Data platforms together with Data Lake projects have become the engine of all kinds of digital transformation processes. And Business Intelligence solutions together with tools based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence represent a valuable competitive advantage…

We help our clients to give new value to their data and improve their business decision-making through Modern Data Platforms, BI & Advanced Analytics, and Machine Learning & AI.

IoT Business Solutions

Internet of Things is completely transforming business models in any sector, as the possibilities are endless when it comes to giving companies the maximum possibilities offered by the cloud, in addition to introducing solutions tailored to each case.

We boost your operational efficiency and provide new business models to add value to your products. We have created the first 4.0 laboratories, a system for managing the world’s largest photovoltaic park, a tool to optimize oil field processes, demand forecasting, etc. Learn more about these stories and our IoT success stories.

Artificial Intelligence applied to business

Artificial Intelligence is transforming many sectors thanks to the great advances that give machines the ability to understand, analyze and learn, turning them into tools capable of automating and improving processes autonomously.

As a Microsoft AI partner, we specialize in the creation of new data relationships through the use of heterogeneous information sources, which combined with our Artificial Intelligence developments exponentially raise the productive capabilities of both machines and human equipment. We offer Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cognitive Services, and NLP solutions.

Mixed Reality for Business

We are a Microsoft Silver Mixed Reality Partner, thanks to having become a key partner in helping all types of industries to accelerate their digital transformation models, optimize costs and improve their digital impact.

We were one of the first partners to develop with Hololens 2, and since then, we have been responsible for facilitating the adoption of this technology in the business sector. Sectors such as industrial, healthcare, media, financial, or manufacturing are just some of the sectors to which we have brought a dimension to their businesses. These are our Mixed Reality success stories.

Business Events in Sydney

To consolidate our position as a technology partner in Australia, we will participate in the SMB Digital that will take place on March 30 and 31 at the ICC Sydney.

SMB Digital

SMB Digital is the only B2B event in Australia aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that bring together suppliers and customers to better understand how they can use new technologies to improve their business. It will feature an exhibition, content program, and exclusive networking opportunities for C-Suite, IT managers, and directors.

Plain Concepts will be present with its own stand where all companies interested in learning more about our services and projects will be attended, in addition to offering mixed reality demos. As an added factor, our colleague Anna Matveeva, Business Development Lead, will be one of the speakers at the event with her talk “Transform now to win the future”. She will address three main points: Why do SMEs need to transform; What is the value of transformation and how will I recover my investment; Who can help me with the transformation; How can I find a solution partner?

And as a final highlight, we will also hold a raffle for an envisioning workshop with one of our technical leaders to discuss the company’s business objectives. This is followed by a brainstorming process and visualization of solutions using cloud services, in areas of data, AI, or AR/VR.

We are opening a new chapter in Australia, but this story has only just begun and we want to share it with you. Will you join us?

Elena Canorea
Elena Canorea
Communications Lead