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New Data Platform to Enable Advanced Analytics and a Modern Reporting Experience

Thanks to Sidra and Plain Concepts, we have started our journey towards data governance and stewardship, as well as taken a giant leap in the realm of business analytics.” – Javier Ibáñez Zaldívar, CIO Carreras Logistics Group 

Carreras Logistics Group
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Founded in 1933, Carreras Logistics Group (CLG) is a leader in the logistics industry in Spain. For the past 80 years, despite their impressive growth, they have remained a family-owned business. In a desire to modernize and become a technology-driven company, they engaged Plain Concepts to help with their company-wide data strategy, which places a strong focus on Business Intelligence.


Just like any global company, CLG had grown and found itself without a well-defined company-wide data strategy. Data was scattered/residing between 11 departments and even with 3rd party external stakeholders. Reporting and analytics processes were slow, as each team was responsible for every step of the process, and data would update over-night, as opposed to real-time. Leadership expressed a strong desire for data digital transformation and a modern, seamless reporting experience, to understand and optimize business decisions.


Plain Concepts deployed Sidra Data Platform: a resilient, performant, fully PaaS Azure platform, to accelerate the data intake from different sources within the company, tackle the governance challenges, and simplify data management. We then worked with CGL’s financial and logistic business units to better understand and shape the data. Sidra offers a secure, cost-governed, controlled development environment, where the workflow is optimized and costly surprises are minimized. Once the data model was understood and the business requirements clear, an advanced analytics application was developed to provide dashboards and reports for the CGL leadership team.


Thanks to the data consolidation and governance exercise, the CLG Board of Directors is starting to leverage the modern reporting experience and is now able to explore their data faster and in a way, they were never able to previously. CGL will continue to partner with Plain Concepts and leverage Sidra Data Platform to create applications that are stable, reliable, with unlimited processing power available, and easy to maintain. Sidra also offers the ability to attribute costs to the client applications, and as such can help better manage costs.
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